looking back in hindsight, i can clearly see
i never put you first, it was all about me
my wants and my needs, you made sure they were met
your hopes and desires, well, most times i'd forget
all that you had, you poured out for me
me to wrapped up in myself, to blind to see
i left you neglected and now you have flown
into the arms of another, now i'm broken, alone



words they swim inside my brain
words sometimes eloquent sometimes plain
words hold power, that  i can attest
words can curse and words can bless
words can hurt and words can heal
words can save and words can kill
words can comfort, can mend a heart
words unkind, tear it apart
words can dry a babies eyes
words from a mothers lullabies
words to build and words to break
words of forgiveness, words that forsake
words can cause laughter, words cause pain
words can bring joy, words cause shame
words of encouragement bolster the weak
words from the wise when enlightenment we seek
words can make a young girl blush
words that same young girls heart can crush
words of a poet drip with passion and love
words of a holy man inspired from GOD above
words of a critic, they bite and they sting
words of a friend much happiness bring
words of a saint, heavens glory they paint
words of a sinner spat from the depths of hell, our souls to taint
words of a teacher, their knowledge they share
words of a fool, conflicted, confused, their meaning unclear
words of honor, hope and of praise
words of a liar with malice betrays
words they have power, of that there's  no doubt
choose wisely the words that spring forth from your mouth


blessed : )

i lie here with you at the end of the day
all my burdens and worries just start melting away
in your arms i take shelter, safe from all of life's many storms
though the cold wind howls and the thunder roars, by your side i'm kept from harm
in your eyes i can see the love that you have for me
with all of your heart and all of your soul you give unselfishly
i thank GOD each morn when i wake and each night when i lay me down
for this lady he has blessed me with, for this angel i have found


fade away

how long before the breaking dawn
all alone with my thoughts, now that you are gone
i toss and i turn but sleep just wont come
thinking of you brings me sorrow, leaves me sullen and numb
seems like you've been gone forever, yet each night i still cry
put a smile on my face for the world, while on the inside i die
now i lie here alone with out you, where does that leave me now
just get up and try to make it through another day somehow
staring blankly at the ceiling, just praying for the day
when your memory no longer haunts me, when my love for you will fade away


brighter days

you came to me my angel from the heavens up above
and when you came you wrapped me tight in your wings of love
dried my eyes and healed my heart
gave me hope and a brand new start
loved me despite all of my many flaws
your gentle touch tore down all my walls
the warmth of your embrace, it brings to me such peace
from the hell that i've been living, my tortured soul released
in my eyes i see my worth, you make me a better man
you've given meaning to my life, i hope you understand
that in your arms i am complete with brighter days to come
my heart, my soul, my everything, into your love succumb


longing for you

tonight i wished upon a shooting star
that you would come back from wherever you are
that this was all just some bad dream
that things were not as bad as they seem
i wander lost, nowhere to turn
to hold you close, for you i yearn
each day i wake to find you not there
each night i sleep filled with only despair
is this how my life will always be
what more could i have done to make you see
from the moment we met i gave you my heart
the day that you left, you tore it apart
yes, tonight i know that my wish wont come true
but here i still sit, alone, longing for you  


how long

how long until my heart beats again
till the feeling returns back to my skin
how long until the pain is gone
till these wounds have healed, till i move on
how long until that i can breath
till that this ache here in my chest will leave
how long until these teardrops stop
till i've cried for you my last drop
how long this sad song that i do sing
these memories of you that i still cling
how long till you release me from your spell
till i can walk once more, free from this hell


last dance

in a room filled with people you sit with your friends
i've been watching you all night, now the nights soon to end
you are an angel, your face lights up the room
if i'm going to ask you, it had better be soon
although our eyes have met, i don't know your name
i'm aching to meet you, hoping you feel the same
last song, its a slow one, this my last chance
heart pounding as i approach you, would you like to dance

happiness is : )

happiness is waking up each day with you beside me
happiness is you whispering love words in my ear so very softly
happiness is the look of love that you have for me in your eyes
happiness is that when you hold me tight i still get butterflies
happiness is a tender kiss from your sweet lips
happiness is a gentle touch from your fingertips
happiness is our long moonlight strolls
happiness is talking to you for hours, bearing our souls
happiness is making love to you in the light of the morning sun
happiness is making love to you when our day is done
happiness is our love for each other, so pure and true
happiness is a lifetime my darling, spent right here with you


dreaming of you

to sleep, to dream, to dream of you
to see your face, that's what i must do
you left and took your love away
my sunshine gone, your no longer here to light my day
i can still remember all of the plans that we made
underneath that old pecan tree with its welcoming shade
sometimes i go and sit there, just wondering why
how did things go so wrong, why did our love have to die
yes, i still love you and when i think of you i smile
i think i will go lay down under that old tree and dream of you awhile


to love again

you've been hurt before, your eyes don't lie
by whom i'm not sure, that caused these tears you cry
i can feel your anguish when i'm holding your hand
in this pain that you languish, i don't understand
this hurt that your feeling, kept locked deep down inside
in your soul there is no healing, only sorrow  now resides
you've been let down and lied to so many times before
so afraid to turn around, to try to love again once more
my angel look into my heart, my intentions you will know
from by your side i will never part, i will never let you go


please take my hand

when i look at you i see only sadness in your eyes
despair your lone companion, in your heart it now resides
the cards that you've been dealt hold only tears for you and pain
you feel trapped, nowhere to run, consumed now by your shame
all of your feelings you keep locked deep down inside
your hurt and your sorrow from the world you try to hide
no one to turn to, you face your demons all alone
they eat away at your soul, your heart they turn to stone
bruised and battered, but defiant you still stand
i promise to stand here with you if you will only take my hand


my gift to you

a smile so lovely and so bright
ray of sunlight shining bright
my cares all seem to disappear
all go away when you are near
your eyes like diamonds alive with fire
please look my way, that's my desire
no, i am just a simple man
so how can i make you understand
i've no fame or fortune like other men
but out of love for you these words i pen
i offer you something worth far more than gold
this gift cannot be bought or sold
my heart i'll give, its your to keep
for in your love i am complete


dark angel

oh woman dark, your face is veiled
eyes void of spark, all dreams derailed
although young, your wounds are deep
life just begun, your scars did not come cheap
you scream and cry but no one hears
each day you die but no one cares
break loose from these things that bind you so tight
unfurl your wings dark angel, from this hell now take flight


sunday mornings

sunlight peeking through my window pane
as the morning greets me once again
i wake up with a smile to see
you lie there sleeping next to me
i touch your face gently while you dream
you look so peaceful, so serene
an angel here with me in my room
a fragrant garden in full bloom
i wake you softly with a kiss
mornings with you heaven, sweet bliss


inside your eyes

your eyes, shimmering pools of blue, my fountain of youth
in them i found love, they give me my proof
filled with wonder like the eyes of a child
enchanting, always searching, wide open and wild
alive with passions fire they burn
in them your secrets i strive to learn
in them i have my strength renewed
forever lost inside your eyes of blue



broken, my heart it beats no more
broken, your gone forever more
broken, this man now just a shell
broken, heavens gone now trapped in hell
broken, the sun no longer lights my day
broken, left to wander alone in this haze
broken, no moon, no stars for me do shine
broken, so hard to breath, this pain of mine
broken, dreams shattered now only loss and regret
broken, only memories of you that i cannot forget


the tempest

a tempest it surrounds my heart
my sleep it comes in fits and starts
for when i sleep i dream of you
for my darling, my heart you've subdued
i wake up with my skin on fire
i burn for you, filled with desire
much easier to just let you go
but into your arms this tempest blows
full sails I'm driven into your arms
your voice it calls me from the storm
your lips drip with honey, your body warm
your eyes a safe harbor, keep me safe from harm
hell bent, to you my soul i give
for without your love i cannot live


yes wind blow

wind blow my lover back to me
her lovely face i long to see
to feel her skin against my skin
passion boils within me once again
her eyes they draw me deep inside
for with her now my heart resides
to taste the heat upon her lips
to feel the burn of her fingertips
my name she whispers in my ear
as i enter her garden she pulls me near
our bodies converging, one heart from two
this moment raw, so pure, as our lust we pursue
desire unbridled, will not be tamed
this dance, our love, a burning flame
yes wind blow her into my arms again
my lover, my angel, my heart, my friend 


waves for sonya

i see these waves now when i dream
they cover me with your mercy unseen
my doubts and fears they wash away
new hope and joy these waves convey
they fill my heart with strength and peace
to my weary soul bring sweet relief
these waves surround me, they are my shield
for in these waves, GODS love revealed 

a love not returned

you said that you missed me and then you were gone
what was it you missed before you moved on
lets not talk anymore when you left me for dead
i will remember you though, that's what you said
remember what, the look on my face
when you left me alone, vanished, no trace
i'll remember you to, i hope that you see
for clearly you meant a great deal more to me
all my love to you i freely gave
mind, body, soul to you enslaved
at least one thing from you i learned
the worst kind of love is a love not returned


the quill

these words of love drip from my quill
with love your heart i wish to fill
my words they fall on empty ears
my love for you brings only tears
i knock and knock but you've barred your door
if i could just make you see that its you i adore
for you I'd give my life you see
for you my love, mean that much to me
in my soul for you my love burns true
but my love is not enough for you
you walk away and here i stand
with broken heart, dripping quill in hand


i want you to know

in your eyes i see all things pure
sunrises, sunsets, the heavens and more
they burn with light, vibrant oceans of blue
they call to me from their depths, draw me closer to you
at once exotic, erotic, sensual and sweet
the gaze into them leaves me breathless and weak
when you look into mine they burn to my soul
when you look into mine i want you to know
my words aren't enough to express all my love
my darling, my angel sent from heaven above


someone who loves me

lost, alone, adrift at sea
the day you took your love from me
my heart you stole when you went away
i wonder now why you couldn't stay
i guess my love for you, it did not please
I'm left here broken, down on my knees
i gave you all that i had and more
you took what you wanted to return nevermore
its clear to me that to you it was just a game
i only wish that i felt the same
you live, you love, you loose, you learn
these wounds cut deep, they bleed, they burn
i will pick myself up and i will move on
bloodied, scarred but wiser now that your gone
i will find someone who loves me to
then i will no longer think of you