i find myself drawn to you like moth to flame
we are worlds apart, unclear what i should do
do i dare to tell you how i feel in hopes that you may feel the same
or do i let it go unsaid and these things i feel try to subdue
i've never held your hand in mine, never felt the warmth of your embrace
never gazed into your angel eyes, never tasted the sweetness of your kiss
but in my dreams i've held you many times, every night haunted by your face
am i a fool for how i feel, should i sing to you, should i insist
or should i just let this go and with my dreams just fade away
my words of love kept in my heart, never to fall upon your ears
never giving you a chance, never knowing what you'd say
here i sit wrapped up in my thoughts, just trying to choke back my tears


no one left but me

so many failures, so many mistakes
hurt so many people, how many hearts must i break
never showing remorse for the damage i've done
just take what i want then get up and move on
and oh what a tangled web that i weave
told so many lies i don't know what to believe
the charade is over as i descend to my hell
alone here with my wicked lies with no one left but me to tell

side note: this isnt about me...i was thinking about someone else when i wrote it...thank you


dont hide away your light

why do you hide inside your broken wings
why does the world no longer hear you sing
filled with doubt your worry takes control
no peace to be found for your poor and tortured soul
you paint on a smile but you cant hide the pain
cant leave the past behind you, too many secrets, too much shame
these demons you don't have to face alone, i'm right here if you need a friend
you can talk to me about your fears, just reach out and take my hand
you have so much life ahead of you, don't hide away your light
don't give up on yourself so soon, don't you quit without a fight



senses heightened, hearts on fire, our souls melting into one
time stops, bodies intertwined, moon colliding with the sun
in your eyes i'm swimming, in your kiss i drown, a death so raw, so sweet
this longing, this aching, this all consuming need, in each others arms complete
your fingers burn, they rake my skin as i enter into your flame
hearts are pounding, gasping for breath as you cry out my name
passion builds, our bodies groan, to be closer, even closer still
we lay entangled, our love is spent, our desires now been fulfilled


time is no friend of mine, not time just doesnt care
see how it mocks me, watch it as it jeers
time wont let me forget you, wont allow me to move on
time just shoves you in my face to remind me that your gone
they tell me time can heal all wounds, but it likes to sit and watch me bleed
so hungry for my sadness, laughing all the while it feeds
time wont let me run and hide, relentless like the hounds of hell
no my pain wont seem to go away, its ache i've grown to know so well


starting over

summer breeze cools my skin, sun warm upon my back
today i'm starting over, time to get my life back on track
i don't know where i'm going but i know where i've been
i've been playing a fools game for so long now and its a game i just cant win
mistakes made, more than i can say, myself alone to blame
veered off the path so many times, its hard to bear the shame
time to put that all behind me now, to give myself another chance
wont ever know what life has in store for me if i don't show up for the dance



we sit alone, your hand in mine
our fingers gently intertwined
your head my shoulder gladly bears
the smell of lavender in your hair
your breathing softly on my chest
your gentle touch, your sweet caress
no words are spoken, no nothings said
our eyes express our love instead
as the sunlight slowly fades away
here in my arms, my angel, say you'll stay

turn the page

the silence screaming in my ears
the darkness blinding to my eyes
sit here drowning in my tears
your gone and i'm left to ponder why
its as if time stopped when you walked out the door
my heart quit beating, no air to breath
pictures of us lay strewn upon my floor
the pain so great i cant believe
what made you leave, why did you run
you couldn't spread your wings inside this cage
now a new chapter in your life's begun
but i just cant seem to turn the page


wet dream

you and your flavored vodka, me and my fruity wine
we've been sitting here for hours but were not keeping track of time
your pink hair blowing in the breeze, your pretty face aglow
our stilt house fading into darkness as the sun is sitting low
dave matthews playing in the background, turkey dogs roasting on the fire
to sit here lazy, toes in the sand is all that we desire
your funky dog chases after gulls as the tide starts rolling in
you turn and whisper in my ear, tomorrow can we take the boat back out again

if your out there jacie this ones for you baby


what are you waiting for

what happened to that pretty smile of yours more radiant than the moon and stars
now covered with a veil of anxious thoughts and the open wounds of ancient scars
so much life still lies ahead of you, embrace every moment and live it well
so much to be thankful for, blessed in so many ways and yet your troubles only seem to swell
don't let these feelings drag you down, don't let them pull you deeper into the mire
pick yourself up, take a deep breath and dive head first into the fire
lift yourself up on angels wings and high into the clouds you'll soar
rise up and take all life has to give, go on get out there, what are you waiting for


a piece of me

i still think about you now and then, about the morning when we met
like a picture carved into my heart, a day that i will not forget
your amazing eyes, that beautiful smile, you still haunt me in my dreams
our first kiss it took my breath away, sometimes i still cant breath it seems
i know that i was not supposed to fall in love, and my love it made you run away
but i don't regret the way i felt and i still feel the same way today
i hope you think of me from time to time and that it brings a smile upon your face
know that when you left you took a piece of me, a piece of me i cant replace


good bye

we would sit there talking about nothing, underneath the dark night skies
just you, me and the moon with your crazy dog chasing after fireflies
i swear i would sit there spellbound, just listening to you for hours
mesmerized by your voice as it washed over me like a sweet summer shower
i think that its your kiss that i miss most of all
your lips pressed close to mine, into perfect bliss i would fall
i miss the way that you looked at me, your eyes would draw me in
each time i gazed into those oceans of blue, i would fall i love again
the smell of your skin when i held you close, that could be what haunts me the most
sometimes i wonder if you were really here at all or just someone out of my dreams, a phantom or a ghost
i think about you now and then and it always makes me smile
you made such a difference in my life, i'm glad to have had you here with me if only for a little while


separate ways

i woke up this morning, packed my things up so i could leave
when i stepped foot out the door i could finally breath
like a weight had been lifted off of my drowning soul
all this time spent in your cage it had finally taken its toll
you know i still love you but its been just to much to take
each day that i stay, just another day that my heart breaks
for far to long i've played your fool, a part i played so well
cant believe what you put me through, my hearts seen its share of hell
all you know how to do is take, you just cant bring yourself to give
today i break free from your chains, to much life left for me to live
hurts so bad to walk away but only hurting worse if i was to stay
its time for me to let you go, for us to go our separate ways


slow down

be still my heart, slow down, dont run away

take a deep breath, here in this moment stay

every sight, every smell, every touch, every taste

relax, take it all in, there is no need for haste

a life lived too fast isn't really a life lived at all

take in every moment no matter how small

wont see the forest for the trees if you don't open your eyes

each moment GODS gift, embrace it, don't miss out on the prize


just me alone

this day began just like any other day
just me alone trapped inside these walls
walls i built to hide the pain
the pain that ripped my world apart
sun doesn't shine
birds don't sing
colors gone only black and grays
my friends all see me laugh and smile
no one to watch as i choke back the tears
this hurt i bear, i bear alone
it weighs me down
it breaks my back
they say that time can heal all things
but time is not a friend of mine
i will fight my way out of this fog
for fight my way is what i must do
my life didn't end when you moved on
but it seems i die a little more each day
pick myself up
move forward
try not to look back
just me alone trapped inside these walls