i'm trying hard to make you see
that i'm not the man i used to be
that man is gone who made you cry
who left you alone to wonder why
no more hateful words that bite and sting
now only words of love to you i'll bring
these arms once used to push you away
only long to hold you night and day
please forgive me angel, let me back in
give me a chance to earn your love again


come what may

sunlight glistening in your hair, rainbows lighting up the sky
raindrops dripping off the leaves, meadows filled with butterflies
on a blanket under that old tree where i carved our names so long ago
your eyes still shining, your smile just as bright, skin no less lovely, face aglow
our love has stood the test of time, only growing stronger everyday
i give my heart to you forever and i will stand beside you come what may


break free

so tired of all these games you play, of all your wicked lies

trust i place in you, been betrayed but why am i surprised

sweet words of love you sang to me, like honey off your tongue

now only poisoned darts and hateful things, quite a different song is sung

i said i would love you forever but forever ends today

your spell over me now broken, watch me as i walk away

you took everything that i had to give but my hearts not yours to keep

break free from this cage that you've bound me in, pain you've sown now yours to reap


wishing in the dark

denim shorts, old t-shirt, sitting barefoot on a swing
we would sit and talk for hours, about nothing, about everything
sun fades low behind the trees, moon and stars light up the sky
crickets play for us a serenade as we watch the fireflies
wish this night could last forever, that i could stop the sands of time
for our love to last a lifetime, your hand held tight in mine


to late

hate is such a bitter word yet hate is what you feel for me
so long your feelings gone unheard, i wouldn't listen, i couldn't see
i remember now every word you said, your picture in my trembling hands
i cry alone wishing i were dead, my broken heart finally understands
you gave me everything you could, you fought so hard to save the love we had
only caring about my own needs, didn't care to see, didn't realize that things had gotten so bad
i see clearly now but its far to late, you're finished talking, that bridge has been burned
took you for granted and sealed my fate, that books been closed, no pages left to turn


silken words

like a spider you lured me with your silken words, to late to see the danger near
tangled deep inside your web of lies, was blind but now your intentions clear
you fucked me over for the fuckings sake, took all i had but still thirst for more
my heart, my soul, you took everything, for you it was never enough of that im sure
i drank deep the wine in your poisoned cup, i choked it down your pill
my love bled dry cast down to hell, what a fool i am to love you still


not over yet

to scared to move, can barely breath
locked in your room, dont want to leave
so many mistakes, so many bridges burned
not sure who you can call a friend, don't know where you can turn
i know that life has got you down but don't you dare give up
just call my name and i'll be by your side whenever things get rough
my shoulder you can cry on, my arms a hiding place
i will keep you safe from harm when your demons you must face
dark angel don't you quit, your life's not over yet
put your past behind you, let me help you to forget


i search for my lover in the cold, dark recesses of my mind
lost and alone, thorns prick my flesh
i cry out to her from my longing heart but no answer
her voice silent now, cold and still
my weary eyes strain for but a glimpse of her sun that once ruled over my skies
gone now, ripped from my sight
all is made black, only shadows remain
like a blind man, my hands reach out to touch, to hold, to feel her warmth once more
nothing, left stumbling, wandering aimlessly, broken
wait, there, a tiny flame burning in the distance
small, unquenchable, smoldering hot
my lover gone now, her memory still carried in my heart


fault my own

i blame myself for all my pain
the fault my own how could i not see
of you only broken promises and lies remain
oh what a fool i've turned out to be
i trusted you, believed every word you said
but trust to you just an empty word
betrayed, you left me alone for dead
my hands now shaking, my vision blurred
a lesson learned and you taught it well
be careful to whom you give your heart
you promised me heaven, delivered me into hell
i gave you my soul and you tore it apart 


wonder of it all

looking back on my life i have to shake my head and laugh
all the mess i've gotten into, always took the roughest path
things i've seen, all the places been, the wonder of it all
friends made, love found, love lost, times so happy, times i fall
live my life wide open, everyday three sheets to the wind
looking back at all the memories made, i would do it all again


my salvation

touch my heart and take away this pain
let your love fall down on me like rain
kiss away all of my doubts and fears
let your angels song caress my ears
take my hand, be my shelter from life's storms
in your eyes i find my hiding place, my salvation in your arms


a place to hide

hands are shaking, knees are weak as i stand and watch you walk away
my heart is pleading for you not to leave, my lips cant find the words to say
didn't see this coming, took me of guard, what the hell am i supposed to do
i thought that you loved me, was it only a game, guess i knew nothing, a fool with no clue
you said it was you, it wasn't me, really now, what is that supposed to mean
did that make you feel better, make it easier for you to go and wipe our slate clean
where do i go from here, what do i do, i can feel the tears well up inside
lost here, trapped in my own skin, just wishing for someplace to hide


for a little while

cool breeze blowing through your long dark hair
a hint of your perfume floating gently in the air
in a little white dress, skin kissed by the sun
flowers falling from your hands as barefoot through the fields you run
eyes enchanting, full of life, wide opened like a child's
smiling like an angel, calling out to me, leaving me beguiled
memories of you kept safe inside my heart, when i think of you i smile
what i wouldn't give to go back to those days if only for a little while  


new beginnings

lying naked on the floor
tired of trying, don't want to cry anymore
your past a heavy load to bear
alone and broken to hurt to care
rise up and unfurl your tattered wings
from your pain know that hope eternal springs
learn to forgive yourself and let your heart mend
each day a new beginning, start to love yourself again


my retched heart

stagnant, rancid, rotting air
alone at these dull walls i stare
the light outside it hurts my eyes
but to you that will come as no surprise
my retched heart at my feet spilled out
you're not coming back, now there is no doubt
head in my hands, tears falling like rain
the fault was my own, to me goes the blame
now i left to ponder the love that i've lost
i pushed you away now i'm paying the cost



your angry words they sting me, they tear into my ears
venom dripping off your once sweet lips as all reason disappears
your eyes are shooting daggers, your face contorted shades of red
i'm standing there bewildered as i try to process what you've said
your muscles taut for violence as you move in to take your prey
i just shake my head, that's it, i'm done as i turn and walk away