looking forward

you lay beside me sweetly in our bed
on my shoulder rest your sleeping head
the face of an angel, crooked smile
in the moons soft glow my heart beguiled
gently run my fingers through your hair
porcelain skin so soft, so smooth, so fair
i could stay like this forever, you make all my dreams come true
already looking forward to tomorrow and another night with you


loose these chains

i've tried so hard to leave you but just cant seem to let you go
your memory wont be shaken, still under your control
thoughts of you still haunt me, consume me night and day
my love for you just wont die, cant make it fade away
when you went away you took my heart, leaving me a hollow shell
i try so hard to forget you but my love for you prevails
from this pain i try to run away but no peace do i find
how long till you release me from your spell and loose these chains that bind


please darling

i can feel you with every breath i take
with every beating of my heart
i have loved you from the moment i saw your face
when our eyes met i knew that i was looking upon an angel
in that instant i lay my life down at your feet
all that i have, all that i am, all that i will ever be, i give it to you
one touch from your hand brings me to my knees
a kiss from your lips, new wine sweet upon my tongue
when making love to you, time stands still
just you and i lost in each others love, eternal
angel you are my light, my truth, my joy, my strength
these i words that i pen not nearly enough to express the way that i feel
look deep into my heart then you will know my love for you encompasses all
with every fiber of my being i cry out your name
my angel you are my one true love
to me you mean the world and so much more
please darling wont you say that you love me to


two little words

good bye
seems to me like a poor usage of words
try as i may i have yet to find anything good about it
perhaps next time you should try "fuck off", its more to the point don't you think
like a dagger how those two little words ripped into my heart
whats it been now a year, a little more, a little less
seems like forever, seems like just yesterday
you would think that i would be over you by now
put you behind me, moved on with my life
but i can still see your face as clearly as the day you left
your perfume still lingers, drifting sweetly in the air
in my minds eye i can still trace every subtle curve of your body
taste your kiss still wet upon my lips
do you ever think about me i wonder
what we had, the plans we made
do you ever remember me at all
or has all memory of me been erased from your mind
good bye
how easily those words slipped off your tongue
how can two little words hold such power
slamming into my chest like a freight train
leaving me breathless, broken, alone
how is it that after all this time i find myself still loving you
two little words, then you walked out of my life forever
let me leave you now with three, then i will go
these words hold far more power
if you remember anything of me remember this
as i spill out whats left of my heart, i leave you with "i love you"
and i hope those words hit you as hard as your words hit me


new life

curled up on your bed with your broken wings
what a woeful cry that this angel sings
the pain you feel is just too great to bare
too tired to try, just too hurt to care
dark angel wont you let me in your heart
let me kiss away your fears, let the healing start
let me help you learn to fly again
leave your past behind you, let your new life begin


my hell

sights, smells, taste, i remember them all
but the pain in my heart the most vivid of all
your memory still lingers, thick and heavy in my mind
in my dreams left to wander, deaf, dumb and blind
when you left you took with you my soul, broken now a hollow shell
my light, my sun, my heaven gone, left to burn here in my hell


been that long

has it been that long since i've seen your face
held your hand, felt your warm embrace
has it been that long since ive kissed your lips
felt the fire as it danced off of your fingertips
has it been that long since we walked in the park
heard you whisper my name as we made love in the dark
yes its been that long but to my heart it still feels like yesterday
you've been gone that long but the pain that you left just wont go away