two little words

good bye
seems to me like a poor usage of words
try as i may i have yet to find anything good about it
perhaps next time you should try "fuck off", its more to the point don't you think
like a dagger how those two little words ripped into my heart
whats it been now a year, a little more, a little less
seems like forever, seems like just yesterday
you would think that i would be over you by now
put you behind me, moved on with my life
but i can still see your face as clearly as the day you left
your perfume still lingers, drifting sweetly in the air
in my minds eye i can still trace every subtle curve of your body
taste your kiss still wet upon my lips
do you ever think about me i wonder
what we had, the plans we made
do you ever remember me at all
or has all memory of me been erased from your mind
good bye
how easily those words slipped off your tongue
how can two little words hold such power
slamming into my chest like a freight train
leaving me breathless, broken, alone
how is it that after all this time i find myself still loving you
two little words, then you walked out of my life forever
let me leave you now with three, then i will go
these words hold far more power
if you remember anything of me remember this
as i spill out whats left of my heart, i leave you with "i love you"
and i hope those words hit you as hard as your words hit me

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