please darling

i can feel you with every breath i take
with every beating of my heart
i have loved you from the moment i saw your face
when our eyes met i knew that i was looking upon an angel
in that instant i lay my life down at your feet
all that i have, all that i am, all that i will ever be, i give it to you
one touch from your hand brings me to my knees
a kiss from your lips, new wine sweet upon my tongue
when making love to you, time stands still
just you and i lost in each others love, eternal
angel you are my light, my truth, my joy, my strength
these i words that i pen not nearly enough to express the way that i feel
look deep into my heart then you will know my love for you encompasses all
with every fiber of my being i cry out your name
my angel you are my one true love
to me you mean the world and so much more
please darling wont you say that you love me to

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