lonely nights

i die a little more each day
you took your love and went away
my soul cries out for none to hear
you've gone forever that much is clear
now darkness falls, chokes out the light
only days filled with sorrow and long lonely nights
one day perhaps i will love again
despair my companion until then



you threw my love away like i meant nothing to you
just walked away without a word, what was i supposed to do
i didn't see it coming, i cant say i was prepared
i thought that we were happy, i really thought you cared
shouldn't have told you that i loved you, should have kept it locked inside
then we would still be together, you right here by my side
those three words were like a curse to you, weighing heavy on your heart
like a knife they ripped into your soul, like a wedge drove us apart
you were not ready, i should have known, should have left things be till the time was right
now its too late, from my arms you've flown, left with only sorrow that i cannot fight


when you fall

your heart is stained with much regret
filled with pain that you cant forget
the hurt you feel cant be undone
cant break away no matter how far you run
so much sadness lingers, buried deep down inside
with no one left to turn to, in whom do you now confide
i'm still standing here waiting, always watching over you
it hurts to watch you throw your life away but what else can i do
you know that i love you and will wait for you, all you have to do is call
but i know i will wait a lifetime, watch you crash and burn, no way to catch you when you fall


when you are ready

you walk alone down life's winding road, unwilling to give your heart away
a free spirit, a rebel, a vagabond and that is how you intend to stay
men before have tried to tame you, to keep you locked in chains
but their cages couldn't hold you, always escaping from their reins
angel i don't want to change you, i want you to be free
i want you to live your life out load, to be all you want to be
i'm here for you every step you take, you never have to walk alone
and one day when you are ready love, here in my arms you will find a home


invite me inside

i pay the price for whats been done to you by other men who have gone before
i try to love you but you wont let me in, if i get to close you slam the door
lied to, cheated on, abused, thrown away, your trust is gone, i cant break through
i love you more than anything but you just run away, what am i supposed to do
cant you see that i'm different, that i mean no harm, that i only want to win your hand
i try and try to break down your walls, tell me how do i make you understand
your love to me a precious thing, all i have to you i would gladly give
but you wont leave behind your painful past, take a chance on me, yourself forgive
please hear my words, don't shut me out, i come to you arms open wide
don't leave me standing out in the cold, follow your heart and invite me inside


dead man walking

my strength has left me, i grow tired and weak
no one to turn to for the comfort that i seek
these burdens that i carry have grown to great for me to bear
not a single friend to be found, seems like nobody cares
i dont know how much more i can take, this pain will not relent
just a dead man walking with no time left to repent
my final chapter, no pages left to turn, my stories reached its end
will anyone notice, leaving nothing behind, into the depths of hell i now descend


happy duck

walking chaos, random mess, your beauty from the world you hide
wanderer, rebel, walk the razors edge, where you go you alone decide
your heart kept hidden, locked away, yours to give, no mans to break
you wont be shackled, cant be tied down, only you will choose which road to take
behind your camera lens true freedom found, the sky awaits you to take wing
your words they tickle my eager ears, each day spent longing to hear you sing


again for : )

alone in the dark, swimming in whats left of your broken dreams
where do you go from here, your life coming apart at the seems
friends and lovers you've trusted, they have all let you down
used up and abused you, then walk away while you drown
at what point did things get so bad, when did you sink so low
left with only empty hands and a empty heart, what do you have to show
you think that you're finally moving forward, but you've just been chasing your own tail
doesn't matter at all how hard you try, seems like you're just destined to fail
don't let this darkness that you find yourself in swallow up your light
life may be hard and you may not win but don't you give up without a fight
angel pick yourself up off the floor and dust off your broken wings
you may be broken, bruised and battered and i know your wounds still sting
but i'm reaching out my hand to you, you may be lost but you don't have to walk alone
i will help you find your song again, i'll make sure that you find your way back home