invite me inside

i pay the price for whats been done to you by other men who have gone before
i try to love you but you wont let me in, if i get to close you slam the door
lied to, cheated on, abused, thrown away, your trust is gone, i cant break through
i love you more than anything but you just run away, what am i supposed to do
cant you see that i'm different, that i mean no harm, that i only want to win your hand
i try and try to break down your walls, tell me how do i make you understand
your love to me a precious thing, all i have to you i would gladly give
but you wont leave behind your painful past, take a chance on me, yourself forgive
please hear my words, don't shut me out, i come to you arms open wide
don't leave me standing out in the cold, follow your heart and invite me inside

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