walk away

i stand here with my heart ripped out as i watch you walk away
i want to call out to you but i don't have the words to say
know its best to let you go, though it tears me up inside
we just couldn't seem to make it work no matter how hard that we tried
i will remember you forever and i will smile when you cross my mind
to me you are my one true love and in my heart you'll always shine


i turned

i turned to look but you were gone
no time to wonder what went wrong
i cant believe that things could change so fast
i always thought that our love would last
my sunshine so quickly changed to rain
my joy has been replaced by pain
nothing left for me to do but cry
without my heart my soul will die



oh where is this woman who my heart holds so dear
i cry out to her but she no longer hears
i pushed and i pushed, now shes out of my reach
she tried and she tried but my walls could not be breached
her love she gave all, everything she had unselfishly
but i never gave back, i was to blind to see
now shes gone, like sand slipping through my fingers
i cry as my heart breaks, for my love for her still lingers



trying to forget you, trying to move on
trying to live my life without you, now that you are gone
trying but it hurts so bad now that were apart
trying to make it through another day with this hole inside my heart


to sleep, to dream

in my dreams i see your face
you still wrap me in your sweet embrace
our love endures the test of time
my heart still yours, yours still mine
but when i wake your not by my side
you now only in my dreams reside