this love

when i look into your eyes, they hypnotize me
they draw me in, they mesmerize me
surround me in their burning flame
they sing to me, call out my name
with just one touch my knees get weak
to be lost in your arms is all that i seek
your skin as soft as angels wings
when you hold me close what joy it brings
look into my soul and see my love burns true
take my hand and know for you there's nothing i wont do
you are my angel, my lover, you are my best friend
this love i feel is timeless, it will never end

souls opened wide

my world is spinning, out of breath
this love of ours will be my death
hearts are pounding, souls opened wide
there are no secrets, no nothing to hide
my head is clouded with thoughts of you
my body trembling, at your feet im subdued
you are my goddess, i am your slave
your touch, your kiss, your love i crave
consume me in your passions fire
burn me up, quench my desire
my love for you a hunger that i cant control
an ache, a longing that wont let me go


always waiting
always longing
always wanting more
to loose myself once more in your eyes
to feel your velvet touch on my skin
the sound of your voice as it whispers in my ear
your breath warm and sweet upon my neck
to hold you once again in my arm, to be held by you
to feel your passions flame burn for me anew
my heart breaks for you
my soul aches for you
always waiting
always longing
always wanting more

the air that i breath

i place my heart here in your hands
i want you love to understand
that to me you are my everything
till the day i die of you i'll sing
peel back the layers of my soul
for there my love will clearly show
gaze for a moment in my eyes
it will come to you as no surprise
you are the air i breath, my only truth
place your hand in mine and you will have your proof
my lips long but to speak your name
my eyes your beauty will proclaim
you are all i've ever wanted, always leave me wanting more
for your love my heart is knocking, wont you open up your door

a higher place

your love takes me to a higher place
a place alone i could not go
a place that knows no time or space
where together our two hearts can grow
where we can fly high with the angels
set our sails towards the sun
in your love i am entangled
what a sweet web for me you've spun
i cant wait for tomorrow
hope this night will never end
you washed away all of my sorrow
into the depths of love we descend
leaving me only wanting more
falling deeper everyday
angel of one thing i am for sure
in your arms is where i'll stay

sweeter than wine

your kisses sweet, sweeter than wine
tongue dripping with honey, a taste so divine
your body like a fountain, how i long to drink my fill
this thirst for you i cannot quench, my need for you unreal
you invite me to your garden, your bounty mine to take
like a beast for you my hunger swells, my lust i cannot slake
tell me you love me, don't make my heart bleed
tell me you want me, on your desire let me feed
the more i taste the more i want, i'm addicted to you now
cant live without you if i tried, you've become part of me somehow

perfect peace

my heart you hold now in your hands
it beats for you and you alone
every breath i take i breath for you
no greater love ive ever known
i sing to you this song of love
so the world will know just how i feel
i will hold you high for all to see
then you will know my love is real
in your eyes i find such perfect peace
in your arms a place to rest my soul
wont you wrap me in your angels wings
and upon on me please your love bestow

inside your love

your eyes they bid me to you, into your garden come and dine
your honeyed lips they call to me, to taste your kisses sweet like wine
your body draws me closer, in your arms ecstasy awaits
i've fallen so deeply inside your love, for me there's no escape
cant bear to live without you anymore, i'm like putty in your hands
mold me, shape me to your will, your every wish is my command

more than words

these things i write are more than words, they are my heart spilled out for all to see
my love poured out, my soul laid bare so you will know how much you mean to me
in my life I’ve travelled far and wide but only in your eyes true beauty found
to me an angel heaven sent, you lift me higher, to you I’m bound
i know these seem like only words but looking deeper you will know
when i hold you close i hold everything, please darling on me your love bestow

every breath i take

i feel you with every breath i take
with every beating of my heart
i have loved you from the moment i saw your face
when our eyes met i knew that i was looking upon an angel
in that instant, i lay my life down at your feet
all that i have, all that i am, all that i will ever be, i give to you
one touch from your hand brings me to my knees
a kiss from your lips, new wine sweet upon my tongue
when making love to you, time stands still
just you and i lost in each others love, eternal
angel you are my light, my truth, my joy, my strength
these words i pen not nearly enough to express the way i feel
look deep in my heart then you will know my love for you encompasses
with every fiber of my being i cry out your name
my angel you are my one true love
to me you mean the world and so much more
please wont you say you love me to

tonight we dance

tonight we dance in each others arms
the moonlight bathes us in its glow
my head is spinning, enchanted by your charms
our bodies swaying to and fro
passion building, to be ever closer we yearn
driven on by this need that we feel inside
skin on fire in our desire we burn
our love spilled out, two hearts collide

sing to me

sing to me angel your sweet song of love
fly to me angel on the wings of a dove
touch me my angel, make my heart stand still
kiss me my angel, all my desires you fulfill
love me my angel, say you'll never leave my side
forever with me angel, this aching need wont be denied

my everything

my love for you forever, my desire for you knows no end
to me you are my everything, my lover, my best friend
i want to tell you how i feel, i just don't know where to start
so you will know my feelings for you are real and from your side i'll never
you listen to my problems, talk me down from every ledge
you keep me warm inside your love, my heart to you i pledge
your radiant smile enchants me, it brightens up my days
your gentle touch gives me strength, all my worries kept at bay
each night in your arms our passions flame burns anew
angel you are all i ever wanted, you make all my dreams come true

two souls collide

you wrap your legs around me, so warm and so tight
making love to you, it always feels so right
our breathing heavy, our hearts they race
your desire for me is shown on your face
our skin glistening in our passions heat
two souls colliding, in each others arms complete
you're trembling beneath me as our passion gives way
our bodies exhausted, together contented we lay

breath you in

when im with you i breath you in
you lift my soul, give me hope again
in your arms i find my hiding place
you help me through the storms that i must face
your voice it calms my weary heart
when im by your side my cares depart
in your eyes your love for me shines through
know with all i am i love you to

eternal flame

skin so soft, lips like wine
body heaven sent, your eyes divine
my love grows stronger everyday
over my heart you now hold sway
my desire for you an eternal flame
washes over me, a white hot rain
stay with me forever, in this dream let us reside
loose ourselves in this love, in each others arms we will hide

without my heart

i turned to look but you were gone
no time to wonder what went wrong
i cant believe that things changed so fast
i always hoped that our love would last
my sunshine so quickly changed to rain
my joy has been replaced by pain
nothing left for me to do but cry
without my heart my soul will die

still lingers

oh where is this woman who my heart holds so dear
i cry out to her but she no longer hears
i pushed and i pushed, now shes out of my reach
she tried and she tried but my walls could not be breached
her love she gave all, everything she had unselfishly
but i never gave back, i was to blind to see
now shes gone away like sand slipping through my fingers
i cry as my heart breaks, for my love for her still lingers

love endures

in my dreams i see your face
you still wrap me in your sweet embrace
our love endures the test of time
my heart still yours, yours still mine
but when i wake your not by my side
for now you only in my dreams reside

forever true

you are an answer to my prayers
my dreams came true when i found you
all of my hopes were realized when i saw you there
my broken heart made whole, my soul renewed
from that moment you washed away my cares
turned my dark and stormy skies to blue
no more wandering lost in my despair
a brand new beginning, this love we have forever true


senses heightened, hearts on fire, our souls melting into one
time stops, bodies intertwine, moon colliding with the sun
in your eyes im swimming, in your kiss i drown, a death so raw and sweet
this longing, this aching, this all consuming need, in each others arms complete
your fingers burn, they rake my skin as i enter in your flame
hearts are pounding, gasping for breath as you cry out my name
passion builds, our bodies groan, to be closer, even closer still
we lay entangled, our love is spent, all our desires now fulfilled


here i stand exposed, my heart spilled out for all the world to see
lost in my sorrow, cant let go, from your grip i just cant break free
sleepless nights, i toss and turn, your memory seared upon my mind
long empty days, thoughts of you, alone i wander dumb and blind
in the wind i hear you call to me, turn to look but your not there
sometimes i swear i catch the scent of your perfume gently blowing in the air
that day you left, you took everything, my soul is now awash in black
all i have left is this realization, that you are never coming back

beneath your wings

from the world i hide inside your love
your love keeps me safe and warm
your an angel sent to me from above
beneath your wings i ride out all lifes storms
in your eyes i find such hope and peace
your love for me made crystal clear
in your arms all of my worries cease
all my troubles disappear
you are my love, my heart, my soul
you are everything to me
my angel i want you to know
at your side i'll always be

you call to me

you call to me, into your open arms i fall
throw myself into your flame, for you forsaking all
i cannot think, i cannot breath without you here at my side
your hold upon me so complete, like the moon upon the tide
trapped so deep inside your web, more tangled every day
sense numb, all control gone, over my heart you now hold sway
tell me you love me, tell me a lie, your sweet voice is all i want to hear
thoughts of you consume me night and day, im yours that much is clear
angel, devil, lover, my queen, at your feet i lay me down
for you i cry, i bleed, i die, i was lost but in your love im found


each day deeper into love with you i fall, my soul consumed in your passions flame
in my desire for you my longing swells, upon my heart you've carved your name
a lifetime in your arms would only leave me wanting more
i will always be by your side, of that my angel you can be sure
how much do i love you, i cant begin to count the ways
with all that i am i'm yours, forever until the ending of my days

open arms

i run to you with open arms
with my song i lift you up on high
im captivated by your charms
these things i feel i cant deny
my love for you encompasses all
my heart now held inside your hand
each day deeper in love with you i fall
oh how i hope my angel you understand
to me you are my everything
all of my dreams have now come true
into my life such joy you bring
cant wait to share the rest of my life with you


my love for you like a cool spring rain
flowing like a waterfall, these feeling i cant restrain
like the sun you warm me with your light
like the moon and the stars wash over me in the night
skin like the petals of an orchid to delicate to touch
my desire for you overwhelms me, i want you so much
your eyes deep crystal pools that beckon me inside
in your arms i will stay forever, in your love is where i'll hide
you are all i ever wanted, my hopes, my dreams and more
my love for you unending of that you can be sure


you are my angel, all my dreams have come true
everything i've ever hoped for, i've found it in you
my wants, my needs, my one desire
you've taken my soul and set it on fire
you are so amazing, you take my breath away
i try to tell you how i feel but my words just cant convey
my darling you are all that i need, these words i pen are true
so glad to have you in my life, my sweet angel i love you

simple man

 when you kiss my lips, it takes my breath away
if only we could forever in this moment lay
cant remember life without you right here by my side
so glad that you opened up your heart to me and let me come inside
im a simple man and i dont have to much to give
all i have is my love and its your for as long as i live

so far away

my love for you strong my dear but your so far away
my thoughts are filled with only you, all thru the night and day
everything i have for one kiss from your lips,that's all that i desire
just to feel the touch of your fingertips, it sets my blood on fire
to look once more on your lovely face
to be lost again in your warm embrace
to be consumed in your passion, our lovers bliss
all these things and more my soul doth miss
know that my love is forever, though we may be worlds apart
your here with me my angel, kept close inside my heart

i knew

i still remember the night that we met
tattooed on my memory, i will never forget
the first time i saw you, i was in love
blessed with this angel sent from heaven above
i had never seen eyes as blue as yours before
held captive by your smile, my heart was now yours
jet black hair, skin so pure and white
these feelings that you stirred in me, i couldn't fight
when i lifted your face to me, and i kissed your mouth
it was then that i knew, now there was no doubt
this was forever, this love i'd found in you
my heart, my soul, my everything, all my dreams had come true


my love for you it knows no bounds
here in my arms an angel found
your kiss refreshing like a cool spring rain
a joy to pure for my heart to contain
your touch makes me weak in the knees and gives me my strength
to win your love my darling i would go to any length
i yearn for you, crave for you deep down inside
i burn for you, ache for you, these feelings i cant hide
i thirst for you, from your passion i drink
i hunger for you, driving me to the brink
my love for you endless, encompassing all
my love for you timeless, each day deeper i fall

this promise

to you, my love, my trust, my heart i give
these things poured out for you as long as i live
i will be there when you need a friend
reach out to you, gently hold your hand
i will be your shelter from all life's storms
in my arms take refuge, kept safe and warm
your rock, i pledge to meet your needs
to comfort you when your heart bleeds
i will kiss away all of your tears and pain
put the joy back in your eyes again
to you i will sing, sweet words of love convey
cherish you all the more when we are old and grey
this promise you can count on, these words i say are true
i'll be yours forever, each day falling more in love with you

here in my arms

we sit alone your hand in mine
our fingers gently intertwined
your head my shoulder gladly bears
the smell of lavender in your hair
your breathing softly on my chest
your gentle touch your sweet caress
no words are spoken, no nothings said
our eyes express our love instead
as the sunlight slowly fades away
here in my arms, sweet angel say you will stay

in your eyes

in your eyes i see all things pure
sunrises, sunsets, the heavens and more
they burn with light, vibrant oceans of blue
they call to me from their depths, draw me closer to you
at once exotic, erotic, sensual and sweet
to gaze into them leaves me breathless and weak
when you look into mine they burn to my soul
when you look into mine i want you to know
my words aren't enough to express all my love
my darling, my angel, sent from heaven above

if i could

if i could give you the sun, the moon, the stars above
not nearly enough to express my love
the light that you bring, shines more bright you see
they simply wouldn't do to show what you mean to me
the worlds gold, silver, diamonds for you
again my darling they still would not do
your worth far more to me than any worldly treasure
you bring such joy, such peace and so much pleasure
perhaps if i went and knocked down heavens door
maybe there i would find something amazing and pure
no, heavens bounty still would not compare
my love for you everlasting, eternal, more rare
you see you are my everything
my heart, my soul, to you i will bring
words of love for you flow from my quill
when time is no more i will be loving you still

my darling

my darling, my love, asleep in my arms
my heart she has captured, enthralled by her charms
your kisses so sweet, so tender, so pure
the face of an angel, so beautiful, demure
your eyes dancing with light like the stars in the sky
your skin silky smooth like a rose, the wings of a butterfly
your voice like an angel when you call out my name
in my arms say you'll stay always, safe with me here remain
your body a wonderland filled with delights
gives light to my days, sets fire to my nights

do you know

do you know how much i love you my sweet angel
no not love, love isnt a strong enough word
do you know how much i adore you
your the first thing on my mind when i awaken from my sleep
your the last thought in my head when i close my eyes to dream
you consume me
i cant remember what my life was like without you
you are my sunshine where all was once black
you are the calm after my lifes many storms
you bring peace and solace to my weary heart

i can still taste your tender kisses on the tip of my tongue

your perfume still lingers sweetly on my skin
i will sing your name on the mountain tops
words of my love for you will not cease to flow from my quill
all that i have, all that i am i give to you
please know my heart, when you think of me, above all else you are loved

how can i live without you

how can i live without you
can the earth live without the warmth of the sun
the pull of the moon
you are every beat of my heart
every breath that i take
when im hungry i feed off you
when i thirst i drink you in
my days are filled with thoughts of you
my nights consumed with sweet dreams
a life time spent in your arms would only leave me wanting more
you are my angel, my heart, my soul
how can i live without you

come to me

raven hair softly framing your beautiful face
eyes so deep, so blue, piercing my soul with your gaze
skin so soft, milky white, longing to touch to be touched
how is it that i find myself sitting across from this angel
what would i not give for but one kiss from your sweet lips
my life, my soul, everything i have is yours, i give it freely
i long to hold you in my arms with every fiber of my being
i would shake the heavens and the earth to make you my own
come to me sweetly, let me enter your secret garden of delights
let me feast on the banquet that is your body
a wonderland waiting to be explored
my senses come alive with you, sights, taste, smells, sounds explode into life
my soul on fire as you sit next to me
your raven hair softly framing your beautiful face


beautiful, your face aglow in the moonlight as we walk along on a warm summers night
 enchanting, starlight sparkling in your eyes, gentle breeze cools our skin
 elegant, your body lithe, graceful like an angel come down from heaven to bless me with her
 spellbound, i hang on your every word as you weave a web around my heart
 mesmerized, i taste the honey from your sweet lips, time stops, there is only you and i
 breathless, your mouth so soft and sweet like the petals from a rose
 enraptured, my heart no longer my own but yours as i loose myself in this moment with you

darkness falls

darkness falls softly on my eyes
this darkness i willingly embrace
for with this darkness comes the dreams
sweet dreams of my lover swimming carefree in my thoughts
in my minds eye i see the elegant lines of her body as its laid out before me
her subtle curves, porcelain skin to delicate to touch
shimmering eyes calling me from the night
if she were only real, to hold, to touch
to feel the warmth of her body close against mine
to gaze longingly into the cool blue depths of her eyes
to loose myself in her kiss
but for now its just a dream, a beautiful sweet dream
as darkness falls slowly over my eyes
to sleep, to dream

come away with me

come away with me my heart
slip out into the dark of the night
let the fireflies light your path
run away with me if only for a moment
lets fly away from here, swim naked among the stars
no worries, just you and i carefree
lets dance breathless thru the constellations, two now one
catch a ride on a comets tail, go find your star
we can lay there safe in each others arms
watch as the world spins lazily in the distance
no longer burdened by its weight
moon beams caressing our bodies
as we make love in the light of 1000 suns
come away with me

what am i to you

what am i to you
you are my sunshine breaking thru the clouds on a dark and stormy day
my moon and stars blanketing me when i close my eyes to sleep
my every thought, every dream belongs to you
what am i to you
you are my life giving breath
the blood that courses thru my veins
my very heart
what am i to you
my feelings for you more vast than any ocean
higher still than any mountain peak
knowing no time, no space, endless
what am i to you
i will wait for you darling, heart in my hand
for one word from your honeyed lips
one touch from your hand
to loose myself in your eyes, i will wait a lifetime, for you
what am i to you

loose these chains

how i long to touch you, to be touched by you
to sell my soul but for the promise of one kiss from your sweet lips
to be engulfed by your passions fire
your eyes enchant me, like mystical portals beckoning towards heavens gates
the smell of your body more beautiful than any perfume this world has ever known
the taste of your skin, the gods themselves have never feasted on a banquet more glorious
your voice like that of some siren promising untold pleasures
to feel you trembling beneath me, our bodies intertwined
to hear your moans as i enter your forbidden garden
to gaze into your eyes as you give yourself over to rapture
these thoughts fill my every waking hour
my lust for you consumes my dreams
woman whats this spell youve cast over me
loose the chains that bind me so.

i burn

who is this woman that intoxicates me so
goddess, nymph, angel, demon
the sun glories on your rising
the moon and stars sing your praises in the night
your eyes like deep pools calling me to sink into their rapturous depths
your lips promise honey, the mere thought of them upon mine consumes my every thought, haunts my dreams
your body sculpted by the gods for passion, the memory of it tattooed upon my soul
my hands tracing every curve
my tongue seeking out every secret place
oh to feel your lust, to taste your passion
your skin against my skin, your flesh on my flesh
to melt inside you
is this love that i feel for you?
no, not love, its more than that, something different, something primal
i burn for you with every inch of my being

this dream

pretty nymph dancing in the night so fair
moon rains down kisses on your glistening hair
eyes crystal waters calling out my name
my heart is no match and is quickly made tame
your skin awash in the skies pinkish light
beguiled by your beauty the very stars delight
in the dark it grows silent, peaceful, serene
fireflies bow low paying homage to their queen
enchantress, seductress whats this spell that you weave
ensnared in your web am i never to leave
for one night in your arms my soul i would sell
in my desire for you my passions fire starts to swell
a kiss from your lips still wet on my tongue
i awake from this dream before its begun