relax, trust the rope

what in the hell am i doing up here
have i gone completely out of my mind
as i stand here peering over the cliffs edge to the rocky ground below
as i gaze into your eyes, i've never seen eyes so vibrant, so blue
i'm scared out of my mind, this is so crazy
my heart pounding out of my chest
i cant breath
check my harness, its good
helmets on tight
rope seems sturdy enough
just take a deep breath, lean back into the harness and trust the rope
really now
wouldn't it be much safer to just walk back down to terra firma
do i not have everything that i need back down there, back on solid ground
aren't i supposed to be happy
relax, trust the rope
you have the most amazing smile
i cant believe how beautiful you are as i sit across the table from you
hanging off your every word
relax, trust the rope
wouldn't society tell me that this is wrong, to go back down from whence i came
i have no business up here in the clouds
there is nothing for me up here
the wind feels good on my face
hawk circling lazily over head
sun at my back
i would give anything to kiss you right here and right now
relax, lean back, trust the rope
at what point did i buy into all of this crap
who is this person looking back at me in the mirror every morning
dull eyes, dull smile
where did i go
did i really sell out for this
did i value my soul so cheaply
just walk back down the hill and take my rightful place with the rest of the lemmings
screw that
i can do this, i will do this
relax, trust the rope
going down the cliff face, ive never felt so alive, so free
your lips are so soft, so eager, so inviting
your skin so smooth, so smooth
there can be nothing wrong with this, only a certain freedom
i can breath again as i make my way back to the top hungry for more


you complete me

your hand, it gently touches my face
all doubts are gone, with love replaced
you are my angel, that much is clear
my life made better now that you are here
life before filled with clouds and rain
resplendent now with the sunshine you bring
before you a life choked with dismay
poor choices, chaos, a life in disarray
but with your love came also peace
from dispair my anxious mind released
you've given back hope to my tired and weary soul
you complete me my darling, your love has made me whole

all that we need

you whisper sweet nothings into my ear
i run my fingers through your long silky hair
underneath a blanket, kept warm by the fire
our love for one another is all we require
you lay your head gently upon my chest
quietly here together we can take our rest
kept safe here from life's many storms and snares
all we need is each other and this love that we share


do you know how truly beautiful that you are to me
i gently cradle your face as i kiss your lips, dripping with new wine sweet on my tongue
your eyes enchant me, dancing with life, gateways to mysteries yet revealed
skin soft and tender like the petals of a rose, burning with desire
burn me, consume me in your passions flame
my body groans for it, every fiber of my being cries out for it
how long must i wait to again hold you in my arms
to feel you tremble as you give yourself over to me
to loose myself in your embrace
i will wait forever, until the end of time
fight back the armies of heaven and hell for just one more moment alone with you
my sweet angel, my lover, my heart

little death

breath is warm upon my neck, your hands start a fire i cant control

i rake my fingers down your back, all your inhibitions you let go

you wrap your legs around me and slowly take me deep inside

your passions heat surrounds me as our two souls collide

sweat mingling, short of breath, our bodies ache to be set free

desire exploding, this little death, hearts spilled out in ecstasy

i will sing

i will lift my voice, for you i'll sing
sweet words of love from my lips will spring
so that all will know that you are my heart
that from by your side i will never part
my love grows stronger day by day
from the mountain tops, that's what i'll say
i will cry your name to heavens throne
to the angels my feelings will be made known
to the depths of hell i'll take your song
there they will know to whom my heart belongs
to the sun, the stars, the moon i'll shout
to them there wont be any doubt
to the rivers, seas and oceans vast
they will see my desire for you, forever last
i will sing for you forevermore
i will have you know my angel, that its you i adore

words of love

if i could give you the sun, the moon and the stars above
not nearly enough to express to you my love
the light you bring shines more bright you see
they simply wouldn't do to show how much you mean to me
all the worlds gold, silver, diamonds for you
again my darling they still wouldn't do
your worth far more to me than any worldly treasure
you bring such joy, such peace and so much pleasure
perhaps if i went and knocked down heavens door
maybe there i could find something amazing and pure
no, heavens bounty still wouldn't compare
my love for you everlasting, eternal, more rare
you see you are my everything
my heart, my soul to you i will bring
words of love for you flow from my quill
when time is no more i will be loving you still

the first time

the first time that i saw your face, my heart was not my own
from that moment it belonged to you and my love has only grown
the first time that i held your hand, walking neath the pale moonlight
i wish this night would last forever, both of us so happy, it all just felt so right
the first time that i looked into your eyes, so blue and so alive
it was then that i knew i couldn't live without you right here by my side
the first time that i kissed your mouth, heart pounding in my chest
that was when i said that i loved you, yes my lips they did confess
the first time that i lay with you, time stopped, there was only you and i
oh to be lost in your arms forever, for this my soul doth cry
the first time that we met, i knew it was you who makes me whole
know my darling its you that i adore and i will never let you go


in each others arms we lay, naked without shame
this burning, aching thing inside we try desperately to tame
you pull me closer, now inside your fire
you bite your lip, feel my desire
bodies furiously converging, hearts pound inside
we two entangled, exhausted, smiling, satisfied

what am i to you

what am i to you
you are my sunshine breaking thru the clouds on a dark and stormy day
my moon and stars blanketing me with your warmth when i close my eyes in sleep
what am i to you
every waking hour my thoughts are consumed by you, every dream belonging to you
what am i to you
my love for you more vast than any ocean, higher still than any mountains peak
knowing neither time nor space, endless, boundless
what am i to you

closer still

tangled sheets, room is dark, our bodies intertwined
in this agony, this ecstasy, this feeling so sublime
our need for each other slowly building as we begin this primal dance
lost so deep in each others eyes as if bound there in a trance
desire overwhelms us with each touch, each longing kiss
the pain and the pleasure, consumed in this glorious bliss
we give ourselves over to this fever, for each others touch we burn
trying so hard to become one, close, yet to be closer still we yearn
hearts pounding, breathing harder as loves rhythm is increased
senses heightened, our bodies tremble, overcome by passions sweet release
spent, we lay laughing, sweat glistens on our skin
your head softly on my chest, just talking, till passion erupts again


you wrap your legs around me, so warm and so tight
making love to you my angel always feels so right
our breathing heavy, our hearts they race
your desire for me is shown on your face
our skin glistening in our passions heat
two souls colliding, in each others arms complete
you tremble beneath me as our passion gives way
our bodies exhausted, together contented we lay

sirens call

come to me sweetly my lover, my soul, my heart
speak to me your sirens call, my cares and worries at once depart
walk with me darling, moonlight dancing in your sparkling eyes
hand in hand with me angel, for your touch my body cries
kiss me gently, honeyed lips wet with dew
hold me tightly, passions flame ignites anew
make love to me softly, two hearts converging into one
sleep here with me love, in my arms awaken with the sun
come away with me, swimming naked thru the starry skies
captivated by your charms, my longing for you i cannot disguise
to wait, to dream, to need, to ache
for one moment with you, one kiss, one touch, all else i forsake

moonlight stroll

hand in hand on the sand we stroll
as the waves around us gently roll
wind blows kisses on your lovely face
the darkness wraps you in its sweet embrace
moonlight shining, your skin aglow
the stars, their beauty on you bestow
i kiss your lips and hold you near
you whisper sweet words of love into my ear
our hearts wide open as love begins anew
these times i cherish, i will always love you

your love alone

your body like heaven, i kneel down and worship at your feet
give my life for one touch from your hand, your hold on me is now complete
your sultry eyes like fire they burn into my very soul
i try to run, i try to hide but my heart you now control
when your gone its hard for me to breath, when near you take my breath away
like a moth i'm captured in your web, more entangled every day
so drown me slowly in your arms, kill me sweetly with your kiss
for your love angel and yours alone is for what my heart insist

pledge my love

my love for you forever, my desire for you knows no end
to me you are my everything, my lover, my best friend
i want to tell you how i feel, i just don't know where to start
so you will know what i feel for you is real, from your side i'll never part
you listen to my problems, talk me down from every ledge
you keep me warm inside your love, my heart to you i pledge
your radiant smile enchants me, it brightens up my days
your gentle touch gives me strength, all my worries kept at bay
each night in your arms our passions flame burns anew
angel you are all i ever wanted, you make all my dreams come true

sweet surrender

my darling, to you i surrender, i lay me down now at your feet
my heart now yours, here take it, your victory made complete
when i looked into your eyes, it took my breath away
your prisoner i then became, forever by your side i'll stay
subdued by your charms, oh how i fell so easily
into your arms, i give you all, my heart spilled out for thee
take all my love, take it all, do with me what you will
all of my hopes, my desires, here with you they are fulfilled

love me

sing to me angel your sweet song of love
fly to me angel on the wings of a dove
touch me my angel, make my heart stand still
kiss me my angel, all my desires you fulfill
love me my angel, say you'll never leave my side
forever with me angel, this aching need wont be denied

love unending

my love for you fresh like a cool spring rain
flowing like a waterfall these feeling i a cant restrain
like the sun you warm me with your light
like the moon and stars wash over me in the night
skin like the petals of an orchid too delicate to touch
my desire for you overwhelms me i want you dear so much
your eyes deep crystal pools that beckon me inside
in your arms i will stay forever, in your love is where i'll hide
you are all i ever wanted, my hope's, my dreams and more
my love for you unending of that you can be sure


when i think of you, i think of spring
and all the joy and love you bring
vivid fields of green, children at play
seas of flowers in full bloom, natures beauty on display
but the splendor of your face, mine to cherish the whole year through
yes, to see natures beauty, i've just to look at you
the birds they sing their songs of love but with you the cant compare
your voice, flowing crystal waters, cool wind blowing through the air
the moon, the stars with the fireflies brighten up the night
your sparkling eyes more radiant by far, they give me such delight
yes my darling, to me your like the springtime, days filled with laughter, love and bliss
when summers heat or winters chill consumes me, brought back to springtime with a kiss


your smile is so amazing, brighter than the sun
your words make me happy when my worlds coming undone
they sing to me a song of joy, heal my broken heart
bring a peace that melts my blues away, my worries all depart
i don't know anything about you but to me its clear to see
your an angel sent from heaven and your light shines down on me


heart spilled out, all my love i pledge to thee

two souls unbridled running wild and free

arms wide open, we set sail on the wind

loose ourselves in every moment together we spend

this love of ours forever, enduring all things

embracing everyday, no matter what life has to bring

together the world is ours, nothing standing in our way

love only growing stronger with time, falling deeper everyday

answered prayer

in my eyes i hope you see
just how much that you mean to me
you have made my wildest dreams come true
day and night my thoughts consumed by you
in my heart for you my love grows strong
in my arms forever is where you belong
an answered prayer, a gift for heaven above
wrap me in your peace, wash me in your love

looking deeper

these things i write are more than words, they are my heart spilled out for all to see
my love poured out, my soul laid bare so you will know how much you mean to me
in my life i've travelled far and wide but only in your eyes true beauty found
to me an angel heaven sent, you lift me higher, to you i'm bound
i know these seem like only words, but looking deeper you will know
when i hold you close i hold everything, please darling on me you love bestow

taming the storm

in the night a storms a brew, boiling with power, filled with dread

in the dark a tempest rages as we make love upon our bed

our bodies colliding like the tide relentless into the shore

closer but never close enough, always left hungry for more

lightning flashes, thunder rolls, skin is dripping with desire

wind is howling, rain driving down but cant put out our passions fire

moon is hidden behind the clouds, sparks ignite into a flame

our bodies tense in raptures wake, as our lust we try to tame

deeper i fall

my love for you, it knows no bounds
here in my arms an angel found
your kiss refreshing like a cool spring rain
a joy to pure for my heart to contain
your touch at once makes me weak and gives me my strength
to win your love darling, i would go any length
i yearn for you, crave for you, deep down inside
i burn for you, ache for you, these feelings i cant hide
i thirst for you, from your passion i drink
my hunger for you, drives me to the brink
my love for you endless, encompassing all
my love for you timeless, each day deeper i fall


hand in hand down life's path we stroll
where it takes us, no way to know
we will stand together come what may
love only growing stronger with each new day
through good times and bad, i'll never stray from your side
my heart given freely in your hands now abides
lets spread our wings into the heavens we'll fly
nothing we cant do together, we need only to try

i knew

i knew it when i saw your face, to you i would give my heart
that no one else would ever do, from your side i'd never part
i knew it when i held your hand that you laid hold upon my soul
you would be mine forever, that i would never let you go
i knew it when i kissed you and it took my breath away
no other lips could taste so sweet, with you i would always stay
i knew it when i made love to you, an angel sent from heavens thrown
our love would last a lifetime, in your arms i'd found my home

no less lovely

your standing in the half light, figure showing through your dress
your body still amazing, my desire for you no less
your eyes still shine with life, just as vibrant, just as blue
i've only just to look into them to know your love is true
your face although a little older, no less lovely than before
in my heart my love grows stronger, of that you can be sure
know that my feelings for you are eternal, that they will never die
its my honor to grow old with you, to be here by your side
i thank GOD for you day and night, for you my heart always opened wide

so deep

your eyes they bid me to you, into your garden come and dine
your honeyed lips they call to me, to taste your kisses sweet like wine
your body draws me closer, in your arms ecstasy awaits
i've fallen so deep inside your love, for me there's no escape
cant bear to live without you anymore, i'm like putty in your hands
mold me, shape me to your will, your every wish is my command

rain down

let your love rain down and wash me clean
my angel, nympth, lover, queen
fireflies bear witness to our every kiss
making love neath the stars such heavenly bliss
song birds sing sweetly songs of our love
full moon stands watch from its throne up above
oh but for this moment to last, me holding you tight
lying here in your arms as we dance in the night

take me

our bodies tangled, out of breath, exhausted from our bliss
i can feel your heart beat next to mine as you gently kiss my lips
your skin so warm, our bodies wet from the the love that we have made
the body of a goddess, so beautiful, perfection on display
you wrap your legs around me, take me inside, as passion sparks once more
for each others touch we ache, we groan in this dance of love so pure

i will smile

you are truly amazing
sweat still glistening on our bodies as we lay naked in a mass of tangled
the smell of our passion still heavy in the air
your so beautiful lying there, peaceful, happy, gleaming
there's a quizzical look on your face as you wonder what im thinking
as i carefully place each fleeting moment we have together away in my memory
your eyes, deep shimmering pools of blue
they at once calm my weary soul and stoke the embers of passion in me that i thought long dead
your body a garden, all me senses come alive
the sights, smells, sounds, taste, i take it all in, careful not to miss a thing
the feeling of your lips on mine
your skin against my skin
your fingertips as they caress my body
not wanting to leave
unable to stay
will i ever find my way back into your arms
perhaps, perhaps not
but this one moment in time is mine
to keep locked away like a treasure
to be brought back to remembrance by a sweet smell carried on the wind
a voice in a crowd
the words of a song
when i think of you i will remember this moment and i will smile

dream come true

i still remember the night that we met
tattooed on my memory, i will never forget
from the first time i saw you, i was in love
blessed with this angel, sent from heaven above
i had never seen eyes as blue as yours before
held captive by your smile, my heart was now yours
jet black hair, your skin so pure and white
these feelings that you stirred in me, i couldn't fight
when i lifted your face to me and i kissed your mouth
it was then that i knew, now there was no doubt
this was forever, this love i'd found in you
my heart, my soul, my everything, all my dreams had now come true

all i have

to you my love i give my heart
not much but all i have to give
no wealth to you i can impart
but it will beat for only you as long as i shall live
these words i pen not worth a thing
just love spilled out from within my soul
to the ends of the earth for you i'll sing
everything i am to you i now bestow
please take these things i offer you
like a treasure keep them locked away
everyday i'll prove my love is true
and these aren't just empty words i say

wild eyed girl

your skin is so soft upon my skin, your kiss i long to taste
an angel held here in my arms as we share our first embrace
from the moment that i saw your face, your eyes so wild and free
it was then to you i gave my heart, you became everything to me
many years have passed us since that day, we've seen our share of happiness and pain
but in my eyes your still that wild eyed girl and my heart with you remains

tha first time

standing in the half light, moonbeams caress your every curve
an angel naked stands before me, your every wish i'm here to serve
spell bound, my heartbeat quickens as you slowly walk my way
never before have my eyes beheld such beauty here before me on display
i can feel your body tremble as i pull you near
your need for me inside you overcoming all your fears
your kisses hungry, you burn with a white hot flame
your nails rake my skin as you cry out my name
lost inside this lovers dance as passion slowly builds
we fall down smiling in each others arms, all our secrets now revealed

i breath for you

my heart you hold now in your hands, it beats for you and you alone

every breath i take i breath for you, no greater love i've ever known

i sing to you this song of love so the world will know just how i feel

i will hold you high for all to see then you will know my love is real

in your eyes i find such perfect peace, in you arms a place to rest my soul

wont you wrap me in your angels wings and upon on me please your love bestow

simple man

when you kissed my lips, it took my breath away
if only we could forever in this moment stay
i cant remember life without you right here by my side
so glad you opened up your heart to me and let me come inside
i'm a simple man and i don't have that much to give
all i have is my love and its yours for as long as i live


lips sweet like wine, breath warm upon my ear
your whispered words of love so soft i can barely hear
your hands they gently touch my face
over my skin your silken fingers trace
i can feel your love wash over me
melts away my worries, from my doubts set free
friend, lover, angel, muse, in your hands my heart now resides
together, two hearts, one love, mind, body, souls collide
life before you had no purpose, my coarse it wasnt clear
your my compass, you are my stars, the light by which i steer
you are in every breath i take, in every beating of my heart
forever, always, till my end of days from your side i'll never part

my love still burns

your head on my shoulder, hand on my chest, the love that we made still fresh in the air
sheets are tangled, legs intertwined as i run my fingers through your silky hair
your skin is glowing, a pretty smile on your face
the curves of your body my hands gently trace
your breath sweet and warm as you whisper in my ear
our passions erupts anew as i pull you near
even after all this time, my love for you still burns
no thoughts of another, for you alone my heart yearns


twilight fast approaching, moon is peaking through the trees
your sitting here beside me, flowers swaying in the breeze
your head rest on my shoulder, our hands are intertwined
candles flicker on the table as i sip my glass of wine
we talk about our day but we don't have to talk at all
these moments with you mean the world to me although they seem so small
i know we are getting older and time just seems to fly
my pleasure to sit here every night with you until the day i die

from that moment

from the first time that our eyes met, that was when i knew
i had to have you in my life, that no one else would do
your face was shining like the sun, a full moon on a cloudless night
my head was spinning, my knees were weak, my heart surrendered without a fight
enchanted by your porcelain skin and by your silky hair
never had i beheld before a beauty that was so rare
an aching need i had to kiss you, to hold you in my arms
my will was clearly not my own, held captive by your charms
from the first time that i saw you, yes it was plain right from the start
from that moment i loved you, you carved your name upon my heart

i'm the one

tell me what can i do to make you see
the one that your searching for my angel is me
i will be by your side when its a friend that you seek
a shoulder to lay your head upon when your feeling tired and weak
i promise not to run away if the road ahead gets rough
everything i have, i could loose it all, but here with you i would have enough
there is no need to look any further, my love for you it knows no bounds
all the things that you've been searching for, here in my arms, they have been found

part of me

your kisses sweet, sweeter than wine
tongue dripping with honey, a taste so divine
your body a fountain, how i long to drink my fill
this thirst for you i cannot quench, my need for you unreal
you invite me to your garden, your bounty mine to take
like a beast for you my hunger swells, my lust i cannot slake
tell me you love me, don't make my heart bleed
tell me you want me, on your desire let me feed
the more i taste the more i want, i'm addicted to you now
cant live without you if i tried, you've become part of me somehow

good morning

under the covers i'm holding you tight
as were gently awakened by the new mornings light
your sleepy eyes are shining, your face is aglow
when i look at you my angel i want you to know
the love that you feel for me is made very clear
you softly kiss my lips as i draw you near
love we are making with the rising of the sun
our hearts beat as one as the new days begun
the birds outside our window sing for us a serenade
we lay smiling in each others arms after the love that we have made
i know that you're an angel, that GODS sent you here to me
i know that here by you side is where i'm supposed to be
i hope you know how much i love you, life with you a better place
as i spend my mornings here beside you wrapped up in your embrace

i love you

your are my angel, my dreams have finally come true
everything i've ever hoped for, i've found it here in you
my wants, my needs, your my one desire
you have taken my soul and you've set it on fire
you are so amazing, you take my breath away
i try to tell you how i feel, but my words just cant convey
my darling you mean the world to me, these words i pen are true
so glad to have you in my life, my sweet angel i love you

how can i live without you

how can i live without you
can the earth live without the warmth of the sun
the pull of the moon
you are every beat of my heart
every breath that i take
my days are filled with thoughts of you
my nights consumed by sweet dreams
a lifetime spent with you would only leave me wanting more
when I'm hungry, you feed me
when i thirst, i drink you in
your my angel, my heart, my soul
how can i live without you

higher place

your love takes me to a higher place
a place alone i could never go
a place that knows no time or space
where together our two hearts can grow
where we can fly high with the angels
set our sails towards the sun
in your love i am entangled
what a sweet web for me you've spun
i cant wait for tomorrow
hope this night will never end
you washed away all of my sorrow
into the depths of love we descend
leaving me only wanting more
falling deeper everyday
angel of one thing i am sure
in your arms is where i'll stay

passions flame

how i long to touch you, to be touched by you
to sell my soul but for the promise of one kiss from your sweet lips
to be engulfed by your passions flame
your eyes enchant me, like mystical portals beckoning me towards heavens gates
the smell of your body more beautiful than any perfume this world has ever known
the taste of your skin, the gods themselves have never feasted on a banquet more glorious
your voice like that of some siren promising untold pleasures
to feel you trembling beneath me, our bodies intertwined
to hear you moan as i enter your forbidden garden
to gaze into your eyes as you give yourself over to rapture
these thoughts fill my every waking hour
my lust for you consumes my dreams
woman whats this spell you've cast over me
loose me from these chains that bind me so


pretty nymph dancing in the night so fair
moon rains down kisses on your lovely hair
eyes crystal waters calling my out name
my heart is no match and is quickly made tame
your skin awash in the skies pinkish light
beguiled by your beauty, the very stars delight
in the dark it grows silent, peaceful and serene
fireflies bow low, paying homage to their queen
enchantress, seductress, whats this spell that you weave
ensnared in your web, am i never to leave
for one night in your arms my soul i would sell
in my desire for you my passions flame swell
a kiss from your lips still wet on my tongue
i awake from this dream before its begun

you call to me

you call to me, bid me come inside, to hold you in my arms
i have no choice, swimming in your eyes, enraptured by your charms
all reason gone, i know nothing else, all i think about is you
this cant be wrong, in you i loose myself, my desire i cant subdue
to feel your touch my body burns, a fire i cant contain
this longing too much, for you i yearn, lust to strong for me to tame
lost in this pleasure, ensnared by your kiss, you've made my soul your own
this love cant be measured, this moment pure bliss, on my knees i worship at your throne

each day deeper

each day deeper in love with you i fall, my heart consumed in your passions flame
in my desire for you my longing swells, upon my heart you've carved your name
a lifetime spent inside your arms would only leave me wanting more
i will always be here by your side my angel of that you can be sure
how much do i love you, i cant begin to count the ways
with all that i am im yours until the ending of my days

two hearts collide

tonight we dance in each others arms
the moonlight bathes us in its glow
my head is spinning, enchanted by your charms
our bodies swaying to and fro
passion builds, to be closer we yearn
driven on by this need that we feel inside
skin on fire, in our desire we burn
our love spilled out, two hearts collide


when i look into your eyes i can see the pain that you feel
i only wish that i could convince you that my love for you is real
you've been lied to so many times before, its hard to let me in your heart
to take another chance on love, for you to make another start
i promise not to let you down, leave you broken , make you cry
each day you will see that i love you more, only growing stronger as time goes by

i run

i run to you with open arms
with my song i lift you high
captivated by your charms
these things i feel i cant deny
my love for you encompasses all
my heart now held in your hand
each day deeper in love with you i fall
oh how i hope you understand
to me you are my everything
my dreams have all come true
into my life what joy you bring
cant wait to share each day with you

for you : )

you call to me, into your open arms i fall
throw myself into your flame, for you forsaking all
i cannot think, i cannot breath without you by my side
your hold on me, so complete, like the moon upon the tide
trapped so deep inside your web, more tangled every day
senses numb, all control gone, over my heart you now hold sway
tell me you love me, tell me a lie, your sweet voice all i want to hear
thoughts of you consume me night and day, i am yours that much is clear
angel, devil, lover, my queen, at your feet i lay me down
for you i cry, i bleed, i die, i was lost but in your love i'm found

dreaming of you : )

lying naked by the fire, kiss each other soft and slow
in its heat our passion builds, our bodies bathing in its glow
tracing every curve, every secret place, for each others touch we crave
hands roam freely, hungry mouths, to our desires we are made slave
to the rhythm of our pounding hearts, in this dance our bodies yearn
closer, deeper, inhibitions gone, in each others arms we burn

beneath your wings

from the world i hide inside your love
your love it keeps me safe and warm
an angel sent to me from up above
beneath your wings i ride out all life's storms
in your eyes i find such hope and peace
in them your love for me made clear
in your arms my worries they all cease
all my troubles seem to disappear
you are my love, my heart, my soul
you are everything to me
my angel i wanted you to know
at your side is where i'll always be

forever true

you are an answer to my prayers
my dreams came true when i found you
all my hopes were realized when i saw you there
my broken heart made whole, my soul renewed
from that moment you washed away my cares
turned my dark and stormy skies to blue
no more wandering lost in my despair
a brand new beginning, our love forever true

my only truth

i place my heart there in your hands
i want you love to understand
that to me you are my everything
till the day i die of you i'll sing
peel back the layers of my soul
for there my love will clearly show
gaze for a moment in my eyes
it will come to you as no surprise
you are the air i breath, my only truth
place your hand in mine, you'll have your proof
my lips long but to speak your name
my eyes your beauty will proclaim
you are everything i've wanted, always leave me wanting more
for your love my heart is knocking, wont you open up your door

the reason

carried in my heart both night and day
with mere words my love i cant convey
give to you all that i have but that still wouldn't do
to express the way that i feel for you
no distance great, no none to far
to get back to the place you are
my life for you i would freely give
for you're the reason that i live

love shines through

when i'm with you love, i breath you in
you lift my soul, give me hope again
in your arms i find my hiding place
you help me through life's storms i have to face
your voice it calms my weary heart
when i'm by your side my cares depart
in your eyes, your love for me shines through
know with all i am i love you too

loose ourselves

skin so soft, your lips like wine
body heaven sent, your eyes divine
my love grows stronger every day
over my heart you now hold sway
my desire for you an eternal flame
it washes over me, a white hot rain
stay with me forever, in this dream let us reside
loose ourselves in this love, in each others arms we will hide


amazing woman, mesmerized, my heart you have captured
amazing angel, moments with you, spellbound, enraptured
amazing your eyes, so full of life, so vibrant, so blue
amazing your lips, your kisses still wet on my tongue, my soul subdued
amazing your face, elegant, beautiful, aglow in the pale moonlight
amazing your skin, so soft, so subtle, to caress it my hands delight
amazing your voice, so sweet, so alive, stirs my soul when you call my name
amazing your body, gracefully flowing, enchanting, ignites in me a burning flame
amazing woman, captivated, longing for just a touch from your hand
amazing angel, at your feet i lay down, my heart you command


naked in each others arms, we give way to passions fire
our souls feverishly trying to become one, caught up in desire
your eyes they bid me come inside, sparks fly off your tongue
our yearnings now made manifest, this dance of love begun
mouths and hands seek out hidden things, no boundaries have been set
no pride, no shame, nothing taboo, only each others pleasures met
i feel you tremble now beneath me, into rapture you give way
spent, i melt inside you, entwined with you i lay

arms open wide

take my hand, come walk with me
i will try to understand, wont you help me to see
this pain you hide down deep in your heart
in me confide, allow the healing to start
talk to me, let my love dry your tears
your rock i will be, help you overcome all your fears
when you need a friend, just call out to me
on me you can depend, i'm here for you, my love always free
just look deep into my eyes and in them you'll know
there is no disguise, my feeling for you real, that they will show
just give me a chance, i will be the love of your life
through this life we can dance, wash away all of your sorrow and strife
arms open wide, lets fly away to the stars
in our love we can hide, the world will be ours


what is this place
have i died and now find myself caught up in the heavens
for surely this is an angel who's legs now encircle me
or is this hell, me at the mercy of some demon who has laid hold upon my soul
heaven, hell, right, wrong, black, white, its all the same
I'm drawn to this place
moth throwing myself into your flame
river relentlessly emptying myself into your sea
as we give ourselves over to life's oldest of dances
this moment in time, this one aching moment
at once pleasure , pain, agony, ecstasy
we two feverishly trying to become one
sweat mingling
mouth heavy on mouth
hands clinching each others tight
i enter you, rapture
time stops, or does it just now begin