relax, trust the rope

what in the hell am i doing up here
have i gone completely out of my mind
as i stand here peering over the cliffs edge to the rocky ground below
as i gaze into your eyes, i've never seen eyes so vibrant, so blue
i'm scared out of my mind, this is so crazy
my heart pounding out of my chest
i cant breath
check my harness, its good
helmets on tight
rope seems sturdy enough
just take a deep breath, lean back into the harness and trust the rope
really now
wouldn't it be much safer to just walk back down to terra firma
do i not have everything that i need back down there, back on solid ground
aren't i supposed to be happy
relax, trust the rope
you have the most amazing smile
i cant believe how beautiful you are as i sit across the table from you
hanging off your every word
relax, trust the rope
wouldn't society tell me that this is wrong, to go back down from whence i came
i have no business up here in the clouds
there is nothing for me up here
the wind feels good on my face
hawk circling lazily over head
sun at my back
i would give anything to kiss you right here and right now
relax, lean back, trust the rope
at what point did i buy into all of this crap
who is this person looking back at me in the mirror every morning
dull eyes, dull smile
where did i go
did i really sell out for this
did i value my soul so cheaply
just walk back down the hill and take my rightful place with the rest of the lemmings
screw that
i can do this, i will do this
relax, trust the rope
going down the cliff face, ive never felt so alive, so free
your lips are so soft, so eager, so inviting
your skin so smooth, so smooth
there can be nothing wrong with this, only a certain freedom
i can breath again as i make my way back to the top hungry for more

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