falling from grace

an angel fell from the heavens into my arms
how beautiful she was to behold, wondrous in shape and in form
her eyes vibrant blue orbs piercing my very soul
her voice the sweet sound of spring time ringing in my ears
mere man, i was not worthy to stand in her presence
yet she reached out to me and took my hand
our love forbidden, boundaries set, walls built up around our hearts
my heart would not be bound, it burned for her with an unquenchable fire
i would not speak the words but i loved her, i worshiped at her feet
one day as suddenly as she had appeared she was gone
no tender embrace, no sweet kiss good bye, just gone
back to the heavens from whence she had come
and with her went my heart
gone my sun, my moon, my stars, all was washed in black
lost, no compass, wondering alone in the darkness that now consumed me
no peace to be found, fallen from grace


darkness falls

darkness falls softly on my eyes
this darkness i willingly embrace
for with the darkness come the dreams
sweet dreams of my lover swimming carefree in my thoughts
in my minds eye i can see the elegant lines of her body as its laid out before me
her subtle curves, porcelain skin to delicate to touch
shimmering eyes calling to me from the darkness
if she where only real, to hold, to touch
to feel the warmth of her body against mine
to gaze longingly into the cool blue depths of her eyes
to loose myself in her kiss
but for now its just a dream, a beautiful sweet dream
as darkness falls slowly on my eyes
to sleep, to dream


how : (

i cant eat, cant sleep, all i think about is you
you took your love and went away, now i don't know what to do
i try to pretend that i'm o.k., that i'm over you, moved on
i just cant seem to shake this pain, now that you are gone
my friends say that i will be alright, that i will find somebody new
but how can i find someone else, when the only one i want is you


dark days

dark are my days, darker still are my nights
the day that you left, you took all the light
sun, moon, stars all fade to black
my life now in ruin, cant seem to get back on track
i wander through life like i'm lost in a haze
i try to move on but your memory stays
the birds hush their singing, the flowers no longer bloom
everything now just shades of grey, shadows and gloom
i miss everything about you, but when you left you left for good
no amount of my wishing is going to bring you back, that much is finally understood


for me

His blood has washed me white as snow
there on the cross His love for me did show
a crown of thorns placed on His head
it was for my transgressions that He bled
beat beyond recognition and nailed to a cross
for all my sins He paid a terrible cost
so that i could live, He laid his life down
now for me in heaven waits a robe and a crown


still lingers

i had hoped that i would be over you but its clear i love you still
when you went away you left a void that i just cant seem to fill
your memory tattooed on my heart, i cant erase you from my mind
tried to forget you in other lovers arms but no comfort do i find
there is still a hint of your perfume that still lingers in my bed
sometimes i swear i hear your voice but its only in my head
i cant seem to shake all this pain, you've carved your name upon my soul
the further i try to run from you, the more it seems i cant let go


far away

my love for you is strong my dear but your so far away
my thoughts are filed with only you, they consume me night and day
everything that i have for one kiss from your lips is all that i desire
just to feel the touch of your fingertips sets my blood on fire
if only to look once more upon your lovely face
if i could be lost again in your sweet embrace
to be caught up in your passion, our lovers bliss
all these things and more my soul doth miss
know that my love is forever, though we may be worlds apart
you are here with me always, kept close in my heart


let me in

i tell you that i love you but my words fall on empty ears
your too afraid to let your guard down, you've cried so many tears
i wish that i could make you see that these words i say are real
you need only look into my eyes to know just how i feel
i'm not like all those other men who left you with a broken heart
who took the love you gave for granted and ripped your world apart
open up, please let me come inside, wont you take a chance on me
my sweet angel, to me you are everything, held tight in my arms you'll see