here i stand exposed, my heart spilled out for all the world to see
lost in my sorrow, cant let go, from your icy grip i just cant break free
sleepless nights, i toss and turn, your memory seared upon my mind
long empty days, thoughts of you, alone i wander dumb and blind
in the wind i hear you call to me, turn to look but your not there
sometimes i swear i catch the sent of your perfume gently blowing in the air
that day you left you took everything, my soul is now awash in black
all that i have left is the realization that you are never coming back



to much to soon, how hard your fall, the dreams you had all ripped away
everyone in whom you put your trust, each one your trust they did betray
all that's left now are your scars and tears as you try to carry on with life
now here you stand alone to face your fears, the silence cuts you like a knife
look into to my eyes, their share of pain they've seen, i know my love what you've been through
let my love wash away your sorrow, know that these works i speak to you are true
i offer you this battered heart, all of your burdens you can lay on me
good times or bad i'll never leave your side, of your trust i'm worthy and will always be



all hope is gone, all that's left is pain, you left me a broken man
you went away without warning, with no good-bye, i cant begin to understand
i though our love was forever but you had other things on your mind
i sit here now, lost and alone, wondering how could i have been so blind
hope your happy with this mess you've made, this hole you cut into my heart
i should just move on, try to forget you, i just don't know where i should start


game over

alone i stand to face the world my heart ripped out oh how i bleed
my life in ruins laid at my feet, every thing's been shattered all my wants and needs
i had thought your love for me was real, but i thought wrong so now i cry
to you this was all some stupid game, everything you said was just a lie
its hard to sit here knowing what a fool i've been
but a fool i was, game over, that's it, i guess you win


broken wings

left alone with all your demons, they scream inside your head
no one left for you to turn to , you think you may as well be dead
choices made, they are always there to haunt you
you cant move forward past your shame
your dreams have all been shattered, only emptiness remains
afraid to love, afraid to trust, each day you face alone
your burdens so hard to carry, your sorrow cuts you to the bone
dark angel don't give up on life, pick yourself up off the floor
rise up and spread your broken wings and learn to fly once more


want you

always wanting more, restless, never satisfied
i hitched my heart onto your comets tail and you took me for a ride
did you know how much i loved you, i doubt you even care
one day lovers, next day gone, me left to wallow in despair
i had thought you were a wish come true, i'd found an angel or so it seemed
now you've become my nightmare, you still haunt me in my dreams
your gone now, you've moved on, my heart in pieces on the floor
i try so hard to forget you, but i just seem to want you more


i wont give up

these walls you've built are high and strong
i've been trying to climb them for oh so long
your trust i just cant seem to win
i knock and knock but you wont let me in
someone before me broke your heart, to me that much is clear
if only you would take a chance on me i would wipe away all your tears
i'm left here now to pay the price for something i didn't do
but i will wait on you forever, no i wont give up on you