its over

my soul is like a wasteland made barren by your hands
drained of life, heartbroken, your wicked ways i now understand
i thought that i knew you, oh but little did i know
i never really knew you at all, you love was just for show
you took all that i had, always wanting more, never satisfied
me, well i was too blind to see, just went along for the ride
well i know you now and your kind of love i just don't need
better off with out your anger, your lying and your greed
i deserve something better, someone who loves me for me
someone who wont try to change me, make me what they want me to be
so go on now, live your life, its over, now i'm done
as for me, today's a new day, a new chapter in my life begun



this old, tired heart is hardened, but He keeps on chipping away
He keeps calling out my name, but i just keep going astray
to busy with my own wants and needs to ever seek His will
looking in all the wrong places, but this void i cant seem to fill
my faults, they are many, but His mercy for me abounds
everything that i am searching for, at the foot of His cross it can be found


love is blind

teardrops running down your face as you're telling me good bye
funny, you're the one who's leaving me, shouldn't i be the one to cry
i thought that you said you loved me, i guess i was confused
please excuse me if i'm angry but i feel a little used
you took all i had to offer, now you're walking out my door
now knowing what you are all about, glad i didn't offer more
good bye, just leave, don't worry about me, i promise i will be fine
next time i'll know to open my eyes, my mother told me love was blind


who i am

i've travelled down many a road, and oh the things i've seen
all the pleasure and the pain that this life has to bring
i've swam in the ocean and ive climbed mountains high
run barefoot through dew soaked meadows, chasing after fireflies
i've made love beneath the starry skies, danced by the light of the moon
i've kissed the lips of many a pretty girl and watched love fade away too soon
played for hours smiling in the rain, soaked up my share of sun
sometimes i sit and just shake my head at all the things i've done
looking back now, i wouldn't change a thing, ive done the best i can
tried to live my life with no regrets, these things have made me who i am


it's been awhile

it's been awhile since i've seen your pretty face
since i've held your hand or felt your warm embrace
had your deep blue eye's burn into my soul
and having looked into them, lost all control
to have felt your lips pressed close to mine
the taste of honey, the finest wine
felt the sparks dancing off our tongues
our skin on fire, our bodies one
in my mind it seems like yesterday
you memory kept safe, in my heart forever stay


i'll be there

your hearts been broken, i understand
i've been there before, let me hold your hand
tell me your troubles, give me your burdens, your pain
i will carry them for you, i will never complain
a shoulder you can cry on, your words wont fall on empty ears
a trusted friend you can rely on, let me wipe away your tears
you can count on me, good times and bad, i wont ever run and hide
when you need me just call my name, i'll be there, arms open wide


doesn't matter

i once loved a girl with all of my heart
but fate was determined to keep us apart
our love was forbidden but i didn't care
still i didn't tell her, my feelings i wouldn't share
not wanting to burden her with confessions of love
never told her she was my angel, my goddess, my dove
she left without a word, not even saying good-bye
i didn't try to follow, just let my heart slowly die
i still think about her now and then but i doubt she thinks of me
i guess it doesn't matter how much you love, some things just aren't meant to be


looking forward

wind in my face, feels cool on my skin
a new chapter in my life is about to begin
i will climb every mountain always wearing a smile
sing out with joy in my heart, mile after mile
you wont catch me crying, i wont let life pass me by
i will reach out and take it with a gleam in my eye
i will live life to the fullest, drink in every last drop
always looking forward, never behind me for time doesn't stop



every morning when i wake up and see your smiling face
everything i've ever wanted, my hopes, my dreams fall into place
you took this broken heart of mine and with your love you made it whole
you made me feel alive again, restored my weary soul
i don't know what you see in me, but i know this cant be wrong
i want to spend my life with you, i know that's where i belong



wind in my face, sun at my back as i travel down life's long and winding trail
not sure what waits around the next corner, will i succeed or will i fail
always seeking out perfection, but perfection never found
try to lift myself up, make things better but in this mire i am bound
though the hills may be steep and life's thorns they tear my skin
i will keep on moving forward, i am determined that i will win
life may knock me to my knees, pressing onward i will crawl
pick myself up, dust myself off, after each time that i fall
these hardships they shape me, build my resolve, make me strong
i WILL get to where im going, no matter how rocky the road, no matter how long


all this time

all this time dreaming of someone like you
all this time hoping, now my dreams have come true
all this time praying to GODS holy throne
all this time pleading for a love all my own
all this time wishing at every well, on every star
all this time worth it, for my life with you in it made better by far


i woke up

one day your here the next your gone
how did things go bad so quickly, when did it all go wrong
just yesterday we were holding hands, walking in the park
now i walk alone, all by myself here in the dark
seems like the plans that we had made, there never coming true
the plans your making now, you make with someone new
you said you would love me forever, forever wasn't very long
my heart wont let you go till it beats no more, forever holding on
i woke up to song birds singing, the sun hadn't lost its shine
you've gotten on with your life, time to be getting on with mine


friend in me

talk to me darling get all your burdens off your chest
lay your head here on my shoulder, close your eyes and take your rest
you can tell me all your problems, your worries and your fears
i'll be someone you can count on, i will wipe away your tears
your hopes, dreams, your aspirations, everything i want to know
i will be a friend you can rely on, in me your trust you can bestow
i will be here for you always, my love will stand the test of time
to you i give my heart forever, please tell me you will be mine



your love is like a poison all ugly and black
you bled my heart dry and now your wanting to come back
you tell me that your sorry, you say that you were wrong
no, its me who is the sorry one, i'm not listening to your song
took so long for me to get over you, to overcome all of the pain
all the hell that you have put me through, now here you are again
so leave and take your tainted love, i don't want it cant you see
no longer tangled in your wicked web, from your spell i'm finally free


better off

she loves me, i guess she loves me not
not too much left to say
she left me with nothing, now that's all that i've got
my trust she did betray
all of all of our plans and all of the dreams
they have all gone up in flames
from my eyes the tears now stream
with you gone, only emptiness remains
how is it that a man can live
when his heart it beats no more
everything that i have, i would give
to hold you in my arms once more
there is no point in pretending
your gone now and wont return
my life into hell is now descending
for you my soul still burns
no use sitting around here crying
whats been done, it has been done
better off now without your lying
better off now that your gone


song for chelsea

to you, my love, my trust, my heart i give
these things poured out for you as long as i live
i will be there when you need a friend
reach out to you, gently hold your hand
i will be your shelter from all life's storms
in my arms take refuge, kept safe and warm
your rock, i pledge to meet your needs
to comfort you when your heart bleeds
i will kiss away all of your tears and pain
put the joy back in your eyes again
to you i will sing, sweet words of love convey
cherish you all the more when we are old and grey
this promise you can count on, these words i say are true
i'll be yours forever, each day falling more in love with you

     someone is out there for you darlin, just wait and see : )



i allow my mind to wander as summer gives way to fall
past chapters of my life, i begin to recall
of all the loves i've had, of all the loves i've lost
too easily giving up my heart, never thinking of the cost
this tired, battered man, broken so many times before
i'd always pick myself up, dust myself off, jump right back in for more
looking back upon my life now, i have no regrets
these memories though bittersweet, i hope never to forget