short leg lucy

slow down don't get in such a hurry, take a deep breath, enjoy your youth
keep that pretty smile upon your face while your out searching for the truth
see how good it feels inside when you allow your heart to sing
sometimes our walk is not so easy, embrace the wisdom that it brings
leave the past behind you, lessons leaned move on, GOD didn't put us here to fail
with eyes wide open spread your wings, trusting in His grace set sail


my compass

my heart adrift on the rolling seas of life
tossed about by the storms bringing sorrow and strife
buffeted by the winds, they blow me off course
decisions i've made leave me filled with remorse
still i press onward with no fear or regrets
these things have made me stronger, i will not forget
with GOD as my compass, i sail on three sheets to the wind
he will lead me back to safer waters, hope restored once again

hand to guide me

it seems like every time i take a step forward someone wants to push me back
to slam the door in front of me, to get me off the track
i've been down this road too many times, you wont stand in my way
life may bring me to my knees, then from on my knees i'll pray
for its my GOD who gives me strength to carry on the fight
when i cant walk he carries me, his grace it is my light
without his hand to guide me, i would be lost and all alone
i've just to call out to him, he will find me and lead me safely home

his grace

though i'm weak and ashamed, just a shell of a man
my strength is renewed with the touch of his hand
so many times i've failed, and went my own way
all of the blessings he gave me, carelessly threw them away
no matter how far i have ran, hes still there waiting for me
his grace is unending, his mercy sets me free


He gave His Son

when i look back on my life i see
all the things that GOD has done for me
so clear the workings of His hands
no doubt to me He understands
my needs i know that He's always met
roof over my head, clothes to wear, not once have i gone hungry yet
my health, my job and a family that i adore
He's given me all my wants and more
but most of all He gave his Son
so i can walk with Him when my life is done

my walk

my walk with GOD has not always been an easy road
sometimes im not so quick to do as im told
at times ive struck out on my own
but His arms always open wide when i come back home
i dont know what it is that He sees in me
yet for me His Son dies there on the tree
His love for me it knows no bounds
at the cross His grace and mercy found

washed clean

i will lift my voice and praise His name
for it was through His death my salvation came
it was there on the cross for my shame He did die
now with all of my heart for forgiveness i cry
in His perfect peace i'm made free, i take flight on the wings of a dove
my sins are all forgotten now, washed clean there by His blood

by His grace

when life gets too hard, i cry out His name
for its through Him i know redemption came
His mercy set me free of sin
by His grace my soul restored again
offered up His life for me there on the cross
my salvation not free, He paid a heavy cost


i stand here knocking on heavens door
trying to find the answers that i've been searching for
down on my knees is where i seek GODS face
just trying to break free of all these futile dreams that i feel i need to chase
its seems the harder i try to move forward, the father back i fall into despair
sometimes i have to stop and wonder, does anyone out there care
GOD didn't put me here for failure, so smiling i will press on
till the day i kneel before His thrown and He says to me well done


how many times have i fallen, how many times have i failed
but you've always been there beside me, and through your strength i will prevail
my life not always what i've wanted, been down many a rocky road
but your mercy has never left me, your always there to ease my load
i don't know why you still love me and sent your son for me to die
Lord let your perfect grace consume me, for your forgiveness Lord i cry


you've given up, defeated, you lay your body down and cry

your courage gone, your light burned out, you've lost the will to try

things just got too hard, lived your life too fast, sinking lower everyday

this hurt you carry locked deep down inside only fills you with dismay

your spirit broken, all hope is lost, you've forgotten how to sing

GOD knows your sorrow, HE can feel your pain, let HIM heal your broken wings

call on HIS name, open up your heart, you only need to seek HIS face

mercy free for the asking, HIS son paid your price, let HIM save you by HIS grace