falling from grace

an angel fell from the heavens into my arms
how beautiful she was to behold, wondrous in shape and in form
her eyes vibrant blue orbs piercing my very soul
her voice the sweet sound of spring time ringing in my ears
mere man, i was not worthy to stand in her presence
yet she reached out to me and took my hand
our love forbidden, boundaries set, walls built up around our hearts
my heart would not be bound, it burned for her with an unquenchable fire
i would not speak the words but i loved her, i worshiped at her feet
one day as suddenly as she had appeared she was gone
no tender embrace, no sweet kiss good bye, just gone
back to the heavens from whence she had come
and with her went my heart
gone my sun, my moon, my stars, all was washed in black
lost, no compass, wondering alone in the darkness that now consumed me
no peace to be found, fallen from grace

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