i will smile

you are truly amazing
sweat still glistening on our bodies as we lay naked in a mass of tangled
the smell of our passion still heavy in the air
your so beautiful lying there, peaceful, happy, gleaming
there's a quizzical look on your face as you wonder what im thinking
as i carefully place each fleeting moment we have together away in my memory
your eyes, deep shimmering pools of blue
they at once calm my weary soul and stoke the embers of passion in me that i thought long dead
your body a garden, all me senses come alive
the sights, smells, sounds, taste, i take it all in, careful not to miss a thing
the feeling of your lips on mine
your skin against my skin
your fingertips as they caress my body
not wanting to leave
unable to stay
will i ever find my way back into your arms
perhaps, perhaps not
but this one moment in time is mine
to keep locked away like a treasure
to be brought back to remembrance by a sweet smell carried on the wind
a voice in a crowd
the words of a song
when i think of you i will remember this moment and i will smile

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