the first time

the first time that i saw your face, my heart was not my own
from that moment it belonged to you and my love has only grown
the first time that i held your hand, walking neath the pale moonlight
i wish this night would last forever, both of us so happy, it all just felt so right
the first time that i looked into your eyes, so blue and so alive
it was then that i knew i couldn't live without you right here by my side
the first time that i kissed your mouth, heart pounding in my chest
that was when i said that i loved you, yes my lips they did confess
the first time that i lay with you, time stopped, there was only you and i
oh to be lost in your arms forever, for this my soul doth cry
the first time that we met, i knew it was you who makes me whole
know my darling its you that i adore and i will never let you go

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