do you know

do you know how much i love you my sweet angel
no not love, love isnt a strong enough word
do you know how much i adore you
your the first thing on my mind when i awaken from my sleep
your the last thought in my head when i close my eyes to dream
you consume me
i cant remember what my life was like without you
you are my sunshine where all was once black
you are the calm after my lifes many storms
you bring peace and solace to my weary heart

i can still taste your tender kisses on the tip of my tongue

your perfume still lingers sweetly on my skin
i will sing your name on the mountain tops
words of my love for you will not cease to flow from my quill
all that i have, all that i am i give to you
please know my heart, when you think of me, above all else you are loved

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