come to me

raven hair softly framing your beautiful face
eyes so deep, so blue, piercing my soul with your gaze
skin so soft, milky white, longing to touch to be touched
how is it that i find myself sitting across from this angel
what would i not give for but one kiss from your sweet lips
my life, my soul, everything i have is yours, i give it freely
i long to hold you in my arms with every fiber of my being
i would shake the heavens and the earth to make you my own
come to me sweetly, let me enter your secret garden of delights
let me feast on the banquet that is your body
a wonderland waiting to be explored
my senses come alive with you, sights, taste, smells, sounds explode into life
my soul on fire as you sit next to me
your raven hair softly framing your beautiful face

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