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alone in the dark, swimming in whats left of your broken dreams
where do you go from here, your life coming apart at the seems
friends and lovers you've trusted, they have all let you down
used up and abused you, then walk away while you drown
at what point did things get so bad, when did you sink so low
left with only empty hands and a empty heart, what do you have to show
you think that you're finally moving forward, but you've just been chasing your own tail
doesn't matter at all how hard you try, seems like you're just destined to fail
don't let this darkness that you find yourself in swallow up your light
life may be hard and you may not win but don't you give up without a fight
angel pick yourself up off the floor and dust off your broken wings
you may be broken, bruised and battered and i know your wounds still sting
but i'm reaching out my hand to you, you may be lost but you don't have to walk alone
i will help you find your song again, i'll make sure that you find your way back home

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