good bye

we would sit there talking about nothing, underneath the dark night skies
just you, me and the moon with your crazy dog chasing after fireflies
i swear i would sit there spellbound, just listening to you for hours
mesmerized by your voice as it washed over me like a sweet summer shower
i think that its your kiss that i miss most of all
your lips pressed close to mine, into perfect bliss i would fall
i miss the way that you looked at me, your eyes would draw me in
each time i gazed into those oceans of blue, i would fall i love again
the smell of your skin when i held you close, that could be what haunts me the most
sometimes i wonder if you were really here at all or just someone out of my dreams, a phantom or a ghost
i think about you now and then and it always makes me smile
you made such a difference in my life, i'm glad to have had you here with me if only for a little while

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