words they swim inside my brain
words sometimes eloquent sometimes plain
words hold power, that  i can attest
words can curse and words can bless
words can hurt and words can heal
words can save and words can kill
words can comfort, can mend a heart
words unkind, tear it apart
words can dry a babies eyes
words from a mothers lullabies
words to build and words to break
words of forgiveness, words that forsake
words can cause laughter, words cause pain
words can bring joy, words cause shame
words of encouragement bolster the weak
words from the wise when enlightenment we seek
words can make a young girl blush
words that same young girls heart can crush
words of a poet drip with passion and love
words of a holy man inspired from GOD above
words of a critic, they bite and they sting
words of a friend much happiness bring
words of a saint, heavens glory they paint
words of a sinner spat from the depths of hell, our souls to taint
words of a teacher, their knowledge they share
words of a fool, conflicted, confused, their meaning unclear
words of honor, hope and of praise
words of a liar with malice betrays
words they have power, of that there's  no doubt
choose wisely the words that spring forth from your mouth

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